THUG LIFE: BEST Trump Debate Moments! Biden Officially PWNED! | Louder With Crowder

President Donald J Trump demonstrates in a masterful fashion how to properly execute a multitude of “Thug Life” a$$-whoopings that beat the dementia out of Rapey “Jim Crow” Joe Biden.

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“Eat My Butt”

Written by CrowderBits


  1. Favorite part of the debate

    Biden (after Trump talks about Biden as vp): well we had a republican congress

    Trump: you gotta convince em Joe…you gotta convince em.

    I was rollin at that point

  2. When Biden said “Republican Congress”, there was an awkward silence. So he’s blaming everything he should’ve done but didn’t on Republican Congress! It was such a stupid excuse!

  3. Looks like two rich elitist old ass men arguing over who's the better choice of the same exact bullshit as the last time. History repeats itself and this shit is getting old