TikTok Ban Explained

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The ban on TikTok means more than you think. I explain why it should or shouldn’t be banned, and what we can do in this decision phase.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Why don't we thank Mr Trump by clicking on his ads, then close them without doing anything, just close. Then open them again close, then open, close over and over. Make him pay.

  2. China – bans 80% of all internet content
    World – doesn`t give a *
    India – bans one application (TikTok)
    China: "Did I just lose my biggest market with 118 mio. yearly downloads?"
    U.S: – also bans TikTok
    China: "Did I just lose my most profitable market, which accounts for 56% of my revenue"?

  3. It doesn't matter if fucking China has access to the information found in TikTok. China could have access to it whenever it wants. Ban TinTok

  4. The Chinese Communist Party has created a 'wet market' in ethnic minority prisoners' vital organs, such as hearts, lungs, and livers. This is well documented and an atrocity which most China watchers know about.
    This harvesting of prisoners of conscience, organs is legal, official and with full understanding and blessing of the Chinese Communist Party.
    Prisoners of preference are teenagers of clean living minorities such as Tibetans, Falun Gong and the like. The organs are untarnished and fetch the highest price on the international market.
    So it's not CCP China who is the market but rather CCP China who benefits from the marketing of these commodities.

  5. what Laowhy says around 13:22 Laowhy, I get the point but I do see parallels to what starts to happen on western places like youtube. please guys here me out… in the screenshot you can see "dangerous organizations and invidivuals", "misleading information" at tik tok. on the youtube reporting page you did not have those 2 points.
    but…. to me it now looks like western websites like youtube also start to crack down on certain people/groups/channels.
    on right wing channels (at least in europe) => "dangerous organisation and individuals" or people considered conspiracy theorists => "misleading information". when asked why, it seems often answers like "violated our terms of service" are given.

    where do we – the west – take the assuredness that we "know better" what are dangerous organizations or misleading information? why should only "we" be allowed to decide to ban things?

    of course i know it is provocative to compare "chinese pro democracy activists" with conspiracy theorists. nor do not want to endorse people who are pro-chemtrail, or radical ideological views but… who decides? and who has the wisdom to decide?

    i guess what i want to say is: either allow the posting of everything or accept that every society/country/company is allowed to ban what it wants? because if you yourself bans somethings and not allows everything yourself then how can you critisize someone else for doing the same?

    reading this now… well… i do not want to start a troll war but… typed it already. just delete it if this attracts too much heat.

  6. You mention " loop holes " so the ccp can get the info …..I think when , not if , the ccp wants the info they will just get as easy as I watch your videos !!! and there nothing what so ever USA can do about until it is ban . All this " front " crap is jusy show on the ccp side to try to hide . What they really going to do .

  7. Good luck trying to prove that the Chinese communist government is collecting info. on foreigners ! They are cheats and they will not follow the rule of law !

  8. @laowhy86, as someone who has immersed himself into Chinese culture and speaking up about unjustified treatment of their own citizens by the CCP, I'm curious, do you find a good proportion of people, perhaps the younger generation, who are (blindly) patriotic and only believe there is good about the CCP and refuse to believe any of the negative stories they hear?

  9. There are two big reasons you don't see a lot of anti China speech on TikTok. First there is censorship of course. (Duh). Second is that all the westerners who are informed about TikTok and China already don't use it.

  10. American ceo quit once he saw what level of figurehead he was to occupy. He probably thought 50% (the $ was good enough for that) not the 100% he was hit with.

    Ps. Xi looks more like the “Cheshire Cat” when he “smiles”.

  11. I agree what's he saying. The main point we have the right to express our self and our feeling freely. But of course it cannot be allowed to offend others and especially threatening other countries national security. But unfortunately it's not only china break that rules. US also have done those illegal acts along time ago before china by using social media and network online to spying, infiltrating propaganda and even hacking national security other countries around the world. Ask Snowden. And they blocked silence clean the voice when those countries scream about it in every media, news, social media. That's why US always looks innocent. China have seen that. They know. That's why they ban US social media and create their own. Youtube is just the same with tiktok. They also ban video if contain information about the darkside act done by US gov. Oyes, before soc media found, hollywood movies are the most excellent smooth clean US propaganda. ?

  12. When this app ( I never used it and don't plan to) is so heavily regulated by this shockingly effective system where Chinese people censor every content that is perceived by the Chinese government and so by them as "wrong", then Tik Tok is a tool that influences the opinions of millions of Americans. It is a tool for active shaping of the opinions that the people of a whole country share. And that has not many precedessors as far as I can recall. It is a new, powerful and ultimately very dangerous tool. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I see the actual problem is national security definition. If the definition is by hacking defense systems, I still find it hard that tiktok be able threatening US nat sec. How? Did hackers breakthrough US defense network using it? It's ridiculous! Before it happened, they have to breakthrough securities from the servers and bank data. We talking about multiply encryptions. And that is still one different servers separated. independently. It's dumb to put tiktok and cia or nsa data in one server and bank data. It's bloody stupid. This internet, hackers don't have to use any soc med to break through def systems. That makes even more complicated for them self. Or does the definition is about propaganda? US gov worry about China influence to americans? If that is, then both gov are the same equally tricky tyrants. They both are equally worry and afraid their brainwashed people change their mind.??

  14. To our western friends from India, if you want to put down Communist China then 100% boycott China and shift all of your factories from China to India and then good things will happen. Also end all partnerships with China unless you want to ruin yourself. From India ??

  15. If a country does not harm other countries, its territory and money will become less and less. After being robbed by foreign powers a hundred years ago, China deeply understood this truth. If there is no politics in the world, everyone will stop competing and become friendly.