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  1. 20:00 – The thing I hate about these communists the most, is not the absolute bullshit they make up, but the pretentiousness behind it. NONE of them actually believe their own lies. They talk about "western propaganda" and how "good communism really is", but you'll NEVER see them migrate to a communist country, whereas people from these countries will risk life and limb to migrate anywhere else in the world.

    They shill for North Korea and Cuba for example, but they'd never go and live there because they KNOW they're full of shit and that they're lying. Everything they say is purely performative. That guy in this video knows that he's lying. If at least they believed their own lies, I'd understand. I'd still consider them trash, but at least they'd have SOME honour. However, these kids consciously lie in order to appear virtuous. This guy doesn't believe anything he says.

  2. 1:00 Her opening salvo of gender word salad is more than nauseating. If this is the future, we're better off being smashed by a world-destroying meteor.

    2:30 His (?) Mom should have had a headache and not have done it with whoever it's dad is. Please, meteor….come end all this.

  3. Not even halfway through the video and the overwhelming feeling is pity. These young people are so broken and deceived that I can't imagine it's a phase, and that they might grow up to be happy and functioning adults.

  4. These people lack the understanding of the environment that they live in yet it is also the environment that made them sounds like it's slowly crumbling

  5. Wtf was that blk woman on about men being intimidated by their daughters if they are intelligent!
    My dad has very old school with conservative family values however he never once told me or my sisters we couldn’t achieve things due to being female.
    I took a stereotypical career by being a nurse which my family frequently use me for the knowledge.
    Where as my sisters went into typically male dominated careers. My big sis faced massive sexism by the other trainees solely due to these young men being intimidated by a woman being better in the exams and actual job than them. Thankfully the big oil companies all sides with my sister and blacklisted these boys from working in certain areas due to their bullying trying to get my sister out of the job.
    Yes initially she was taken in as the token woman to meet diversity criteria but the bosses admitted she showed them that a minority of women can actually do the job as good or better than men.
    This has allowed my sister compete in the market at the top just as much as men.
    Never once was my dad intimidated by this as all he wanted for us girls was for us to have happy jobs and not struggle financially through life

  6. Only a petulant child will wear a t-shirt with a communist logo on it, bought in a capitalist society, in a country that allows a freedom of expression, to bitch and moan on a phone built by children, on an app owned by billionaires, to demand their utopia.

    Communists… can’t even make this shit up

  7. Homeless or Houseless? Good example of distinction without a difference right there. We like to say Peoplekind, it's more inclusive. (Yes, Trudeau actually said that.)

  8. If he makes $30,000 a year, he’s richer than 95% of the world, so he’s probably committing a crime against humanity. If you make $60,000 a year, you are the 1%.