TikTok Is Making Young Girls Go Completely Insane

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  1. Well she became narcissistic when the limelight was on her during the time of the squad being called out for their out rages expensive policies which promotes Socialism. But now it’s becoming seriously vicious reporting and that does weigh heavy on an individual even when trying to fake that it’s not.

  2. Feminism a.k.a. going woke has killed the traditional values of family life. Also, speaking of being sexist, most of these recent shows on Netflix and Hulu are regarding women characters bashing on men. How is being a misandrist going to make any of these current problems go away?? These women acting like misandrists are no better than the men who acted like this 30 to 40 years ago.

  3. Woman are (generally speaking) pathetically needy in terms of validation.
    Combine this with non creative people trying to create things is a problem as well.
    Again, generally, vapid, inexperienced, ignorant people trying to create generic content for likes or worse sympathy is a dead end.
    Develop some actual skills.
    For example, making beats does not make you a musician.
    In other words these children (regardless of age) need to grow up and learn how to do something of value.

  4. This phenomenon is just another variation of woke stupidity. It's the SAME MENTAL ILLNESS of narcissism and victimhood-seeking psychosis. Examples:
    1. Spoonies = claim to be oppressed by their "illness"
    2. Feminists = claim to be oppressed by the "patriarchy"
    3. BLM = claim to be oppressed by "white people"
    4. LGBT = claim to be oppressed by "hetero cis people"
    5. Pedos = claim to be oppressed by non-pedos.
    6. Poor = claim to be oppressed by the rich.

  5. When you treat a perceived limitation or affliction with preferential treatment, like lowering standards to receive a passing grade or overlooking character flaws because you consider them the consequences of disability/identity/cultural/societal norms being an insurmountable obstacle, it causes a cascading effect on the inclusion of more perceived limitations to be accepted into the group of preferential treatment. Because of this expansion caused by psuedo compassion, it incentivizes individuals to develop their own 'setbacks' in order to be on equal footing with their peers. The individuals that do not display qualified setbacks become social outliers and outcasts because a new 'normal' develops…

  6. This is so f'd up ! I have all sorts of anxiety and depression, and I wouldn't even think to post about myself or share my personal stuff on line. These people just want attention. Nothing to do with what they talk about. If they had the issues they claim, they would not be able to do these things. Quit giving these attention seekers the attention. Problem solved.

  7. The dude from H3H3 has developed some weird ticks as well. If youre unfortunate enough to have watched his early stuff, No Ticks. Watch now, and the dudes eyes and eyebrows are constantly and oddly twitching.

  8. the internet has literally broken women's minds. Now, they're all depressed, anti-social, they're getting the LGBTQ social contagion, they're getting bitter/angry, becoming feminists which only compounds the depression, and/or they're e-whores. Literally all of America's problems are solved nearly immediately by banning women from social media (at least), or (ideally) the internet.

  9. Until people are required to prove competency before being allowed to have children nothing will change. Social media is just a tool that shows how so many parents are failing children. The focus should be on the degenerates who have kids.

  10. if parents were trust parents their kids would not have phones in the first place. Get a house phone. tell your kids no to computer and a lot of other things. their friends and their friends parents or your kids don't have to be your friends. NO is a great word.

  11. The biggest change in society is kids are in charge now. When I was growing up my parents decided what I could and couldn’t do. Now every parent uses the lines “how can you not let them when everyone of their friends is doing it”

  12. Wow, you alt-right СUСКS are really resentful and emotional that women increasingly prefer Вrоwn mеn, sех toys, or other women over уоur flаt, hаirу yt аssеs.

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