TikTok is SPYING on You | Leaked Audio PROVES TikTok Shares Data With China

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TikTok’s connections to China have always made the viral video app suspect, but now there is concrete evidence that that Beijing is actively accessing US user data. In this episode of China Uncensored, we talk about how Beijing is able to do that, how Presidents Trump and Biden responded to the national security implications of China’s involvement in the company, and what TikTok says about its connection to China.

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


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  1. so let me get this straight, you want me to give incogni my information to allow them to attempt to collect my lost or stolen data from the internet…what kind of shim sham is this crap? LMAO People I swear was born yesterday

  2. Do anyone relize that most FYP on tiktok is just some teenager girl dancing?

    Like Youtube homepage will change once you watch a couple videos, yet when i use tiktok for memes, my FYP is always filled with some cringe teenager girl dancing. Already uninstall tiktok

  3. Among the 3 countries of SA/US/China, do you know which country has highest life expectancy? Which country people can retire earlier to access pension? Which country university education is more affordable?

    Answer is China: in 2020 China’s life expectancy is 77.6 years old vs US 77.3 ( US life expectancy dropped 1.8 years from 79.1 ) and South Africa 64.3.

    And people in China retire at 55 years old to access pension. About 10 years earlier than US. Also it is not means or asset tested when access pension in China. It means you get your pension monthly even you stay overseas, are a multi-millionaire or have another job after retirement.

    University education in China is about 12 times more affordable than in US. Almost all universities in China are public. Tuition fee per year is about US$900 across the board and on camp accommodation available for every student is US$220 per year. Total is $1120 for one year tuition and accommodation for studying university in China. $1120 is about median monthly pay in China. One month pay in China can pay one year university study including tuition fee and accommodation. Every year there are 10 million students who graduate from universities in China. But You never heard student loan in China as parents can pay them easily from their savings.

    Also US population is about 4% of the world population but US use 29% of the world resource every year. The resources consumed by US people per capita is about 7 times more than average person in China. But still China people can live longer and retire earlier than people in US. It means system in China is more efficient to use natural resource.

    Also remember at any single day throughout the year, there are more than 500,000 homeless people in US. They live on the streets or under the bridge even winter can be very cold. Official figure show at least 6000 homeless people in New York City alone.

    Even China’s 18th tier city is cleaner, safer and more organised than New York City.

  4. … thanks a mil, Chris, for the Incogni recommend & link … this is just wonderful news ,,, I'll be signing on right away … & as for TikTok I've had my suspicions from Day-1 ,,,something to do with it's resemblance to the breath mint: Tic Tak … which I assume is a cover up for bad breath …

  5. I have always been suspect of tik toc. I am fortunate i chose never to use this app and it now seems overdue for everyone to get rid of it.
    If Ccp are involved, rest assured, there will be sinister motives.

  6. If you have Tiktok on you phone, a Huawei phone, or Lenovo computer the CCP/china has every aspect of your life at their fingertips including, if you're American, your Social Security number. One of the ONLY things I agreed with trump on, was banning chinese companies from the U.S.

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