TikTok Star Ellie Zeiler Spreads White House PROPAGANDA!!



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  1. Anyone who listens to those people are braindead. You can clearly see that gas prices shot up about a month after Biden took the office. Nothing to do with Russia. Supply and demand wouldn't be an issue if Biden wouldn't have pulled permits from the production of keystone XL.

    Hence why trump was working so hard on oil independence and Biden ruined it. I honestly think it's gross that they get uneducated kids on TikTok to spread there fake news to our youth. It's pretty infuriating. It's ok though. My kiddos can even see that Joe Biden is a terrible president so that's good 👍

  2. WH: She has a lot of followers.
    But she does dance videos, just graduated high school, and shows no signs of understanding the most fundamental things about economics or politics.
    WH: Perfect!

  3. That TikTok girl says that “she is interested in politics” well all the dancing and beauty tips in her channel doesn’t really show that. Beside ever on her controversial video she doesn’t give any commentary or opinions, she literally just passes the propaganda along.

  4. dances and flails arms What do you mean Tik Tok Influencers aren't qualified to comment on complex issues like politics? That's like saying Leonardo Dicaprio is not qualified to comment on climate change!

  5. In today's political/news climate, she'll become the top reporter for CNN before the years out. And will probably be on a stripper pole next year…
    And in both scenarios, will probably be more money than I will ever get….

  6. Nearly all oil producers in CA are also in the middle of suing CalGEM & Newsom for being denied permits with no specified reasons. They've followed all permit requirements to the t and still being denied.
    If you want clean energy, we need to produce it here. Also, need to embrace nuclear. Anyone who writes off nuclear but claims to want clean energy is flat out lying (cough cough green new deal).

  7. Warnings to my fellow real Americans, u can b”not believe me thats one u, the next Great Depression is within months stay strong my patriots.

  8. I think complaining about mean comments on the internet needs to be the next taboo behavior. There is literally nothing on the internet where people dont get mean comments with any sizable following. Everybody gets mean comments. It's a red herring distracting from legitimate critism. If it wasn't mean comments it would be grammer and semantic corrections. If someone made an argument about how the Biden administration is the fault of the inflation but they didn't capitalize their first letter they would pick that apart. Everyone should be steelmaning their opponents argument because it makes your own arguments better for it, and if your opponent had a better idea then it should be the one being spread, not yours with pedantic dismissal because it's bad optics.

  9. TikTok is full of fake skits and fake actors who believe they have some sense of entitlement for entertaining the dummies with short attention spans. It's not a surprise the side that tends to use useful dumb dumbs would use TikTok, it's the perfect gathering grounds.

  10. Everyone that post on the internet gets insulted. I do quite often. I could care less. I post to share my views and everyone has the right to disagree any way they wish. This tiny little fragile snowflake melts after walking into the oven. I say, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. If you have an opinion and you post it publicly, it's inevitable that someone will comment adversely about it and one should be mentally prepared to cope with that eventuality.

  11. Shes only got fans because people want to bang her….its as simple as that..she has no idea what shez talking about..shes just pretty..and in today's society that's all women need..if your hot..your set for dont need any you think this girl needs a regular job or ever will..

  12. I was once young too so I can understand Ellie's naivete and can cut her some slack. If she's smart, she'll grow up and cringe at her young self and hopefully learn.
    What's more disgusting is the White House using young adults as a propaganda tool for the current administration. How is this even a thing? It's one thing to invite them and show them how government "works", but using them as a mouthpiece to recruit new followers, (and because adults can see through their BS) is almost dystopian.

  13. The reason gas prices are so high is that it is a plan of the Biden administration to force people to go to renewable energy. For how much they are pushing it it makes you wonder if Biden and others have some kind of interest in companies that provide the renewable energy.

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