TikTok Was Caught Spying On You…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a sit down and read about some troubling revelations that the largest growing platform was caught spying on it’s users. Why this is a shock to anyone surprises me more. Thanks for watching!
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  1. idk why we even worry about it. facebook has been exposed multiple times for spying and selling your information but it's still very very popular. tiktok was exposed a few years ago for spying and people still use it. why bother? these idiots don't care, they'll just keep using it, then they'll act surprised in 3 years when it gets exposed again but go back to using it.

  2. Bro I’m getting threatening ads from YouTube while watching this. Before the video started I got an obligatory survey about my experience with ads on YouTube ranging from great to awful. Then I got a double ad for places near me one of which was an actual emergency room.

  3. I’m going to be honest, I clicked on your video notification while watching TikTok and after i’m done with the video I’m probably going back. It’s addicting 😂.

  4. I think it was disgusting how the PC I ordered 7 months ago, and the phone I got 1.5 years ago had Tik Tok on it from the start pre – downloaded.
    I deleted them INSTANTLY because fuck all of that chinese spyware bullshit.
    I'm sure glad I did.

  5. Wow TikTok, the Chinese company KNOWN for selling information to the Chinese government (not saying American companies don’t either but this investigation isn’t about American companies) was spying?

  6. The app started getting popular at my school when I was in my sophomore year and I didn't care for it. Four years later I still don't care for it and shit like this makes me glad I didn't suck up to the trend, though it is entertaining to look at cringe comps from the early tiktok days

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