TikTokers Tried To CHEAT Biden Townhall Ratings Above Trump BUT FAILED, Trump Nearly DOUBLES Ratings

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  1. All I see on the web is "Biden beat Trump in the Neilsen ratings" … one article said "Biden beat Trump like a DOG" … offensive comparison much? Anyways, Biden had like 1 million more TV viewers (supposedly) but they don't count ratings as a whole. They don't count streams and I don't think things like Sling TV are counted. Cable TV has been hemorrhaging for the past 5+ years and everyone knows it. Most people 18-30 don't have cable. They're excluding a huge chunk of viewers. The definition of fake news.

  2. First rule of cheating: don’t get caught.
    Second rule of cheating: make sure you win.
    These people don’t understand the entire point of cheating. This is what comes from handing everything handed to you and not having to think for yourself to properly plan out something.

  3. Ratings only matter when they represent real eyeballs who might be exposed to new information. It makes no difference who "wins" some meaningless metric. What idiots!

  4. The FBI had the computer with ALL the evidence since 2018. NOTHING HAPPENED. Then the hard drive copy given to Giuliani in SEPTEMBER 2020. Giuliani spent the month checking out some of thousands of emails and making sure it was verifiable as Hunter Biden's computer. SO, IT WAS RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, NOT B/C OF DIRTY POLITICS.

  5. I red-pilled a twenty-sixth voter today. Not gonna lie, this one made my week. A guy I never thought would vote for Trump (no matter what) admitted quietly today that he has made up his mind.

  6. The real question is, why is the FBI just now investigating foreign involvement in these emails when they received the hard drive in December 2019??? I understand why Giuliani would wait to release the emails for the October surprise. But I don't understand why the FBI, CIA, etc. would wait until NOW to start investigating something they received almost a year ago- when they're supposed to be non-political.

  7. Oh, Tim, you DO remember when four days before the 2000 election they suddenly "found" decades old Bush's drunk driving conviction on a FRIDAY afternoon and it went like LIGHTNING through every single cable news service (who hate Republicans)? And because it was a Friday PM, Bush couldn't counter, so it percolated all weekend? Suddenly the election on Tues got rather close, and then we had the famous hanging chads in FL…where they were counting for days in Democrat Broward , county of paper ballots in closets and car trunks. (those of us who do politics in FL know all about Broward, where Democrats count behind hidden doors.

    2000 stopped some of that, but not all of it – it just made parts of it worse – they count for days now with lawyers – amazing that they have to count for DAYS in a modern county in FL – it's always a Democrat county that can't count its votes).

  8. My daughter is a big Green fan, and I liked the vlogbrothers videos.
    I didn't see any on the Constitution.
    I thought they were smarter, and to encourage young people to be deceptive makes me sad.
    My opinion of him dropped.