Tim Dillon and Glenn Greenwald On The New Gay Community

Tim and Glenn talk about the new gay movement, and how it’s not fun to be gay anymore.
From episode 259:
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  1. Glenn Greenwald reminds us that the lockdowns were initiated to flatten the curve. But if you recall it was also taken for granted back then that we would all be exposed to covid no matter what we did. It was in NYC from the beginning and in every state within a week of tracking. We were just trying to manage the disease until our herd immunity could eradicate it. Then it morphed into this thing where everyone was responsible for everyone's safety, and if you weren't following the ever-varying rules to the standards of the most neurotic person available you were a bad person. Any exposure was considered a threat to your guaranteed safety, stoking the fear and tension that allowed big pharma to rush through a vaccine and rescue us all from what most of us, by now, have likely already been exposed to. Just saying.

  2. 100% agree. The "born this way" narrative and gay marriage ruined everything. I wasn't born this way. My sexual expression is a reaction to society and family as much as it is a reaction to my and other's biology. That some people CHOOSE NOT to be rational with their sexuality is their FAULT, not a source of PRIDE. Norm MacDonald does an awesome bit about gay pride (i have it in my playlists).

  3. The recent ”Super straight” idiocy really showed us just how absurd and perfectly analogous the cultist Wokē left are to the Christian Right of the pre-1990s west. A guy on Instagram made a hashtag for heterosexual people who were so straight, they aren’t attracted to people with the same genitalia as them aka trans people. This basic claim to a sexual inclination that was equally as exclusionary as literally every other sexual preference, got him deplatformed, condemned, and the topic banner.
    So what does that mean? It means that to some subset of far left retards, being heterosexual is immoral. Once upon a time being anything but hetero was seen as evil and backwards, then it was accepted, then embraced, and now it’s literally “if you aren’t willing to suck a dick, you are a moral grotesque.”
    Just as being a racist was once accepted, then it was maligned, and now if you are not a anti-white racist they think you are a racist. Not being a racist is racism in their new clown world order. Not being lgbt is immoral. Heterosexuals not wanting to have sex with trans people who have the same genitals as them, is now immoral. Treating non-white people the same as whites, is now immoral.

    It’s beautiful in its pure, concentrated, dumb fuckery.

  4. Lol you know when democrats and liberals screwed up, when they thought the Left was their friend, and today in 2021 they find themselves looking at the center right like, aaaaah their at least not telling me who to screw. Hahahaha Republicans never cared, they had opinions, but never forced you like the Left does. Hilarious realization.

  5. This is why the LGB alliance is being formed. Due to an Endless amount of acronyms. A door way for anything to be allowed in is coming about when in reality two consentual adults should be engaging with each other only.

  6. I find it really clever that the new Puritan movement that is the LGBTQ rather than trying to make its doctrinal terms law just adapted the doctrine to existing legal words and updated the definitions appropriately.

    Dating too far above or below your age creates a ‘power imbalance’ (doctrinal language) that makes this relationship tantamount to assault/harassment (legal language). Just repeat until people accept that ‘age gap too big’ = ‘literally illegal’.

    Really cool social power move where now you get to flex ~300 years of established legal precedent and American courts to enforce your morals for you rather than having to negotiate with those institutions to accept your new framework.

    Neat trick.

  7. Thess two are finally starting to understand the truth behind all "subversive" movements. Nothing is truly subversive…they just want to be the status quo. Once they become that they then try to enforce it even if they are a small minority then rewrite history to fit the narrative. Subversiveness is just an underhanded way to get in power, because they know if they were honest about what they really wanted no one would support it.

  8. Sounds like two old school left liberals talking. Glenn Greenwald is correct. The 1980's progressives decades later turned into a woke version of the 1980's Christian Right. Truly sad state of affairs. And of course, Tim Dillon is one of the most awesome standup comedians today…

  9. Can't get my head wrapped around the gay thing… Lemme rephrase that. It's hard for me… Hang on. Am unable to see it. Why would a dude look at another dude…? Just cannot figure it. All that genetic programming that makes you look at the contours, shapes, proportions, hour glass shape on a female, the fact that she self identifies as a female – all that stuff that makes you want dey wohmahn, the fact that there's complimentary bits that fit together like puzzle pieces… Even before puberty when I didn't look at women in that way – I still liked girls. In grade school we knew some girls were "cute". We never looked at another boy and said, "he's cute, too". Huh?! Never had "that moment in college" when I thought, "Maybe this evening, cock". This doesn't translate to 'hate'. You're safe with me. Fav. Python was Graham Chapman. But all this is how I know when televangelists talk about resisting the temptation… it reveals they actually don't know they're on the spectrum and that not all guys are. They think we're all capable of being tempted but just not answering it b/c sin. Nope. Tyfyt.

  10. Well this is what happens when it becomes not about sex and more about religious ideology. Society is depressed from lack of fucking: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

  11. Lmao, imagine thinking the right isnt still the theocratic puritans from the 80s. You say gays have become to what? milquetoast? Yet when a loud, "idgaf" gay person like lil nas x does his bits, conservatives and gays like you will be like "omg, how dare gay people do this! They need to conform and be PC to our standards! This is an outrage!" So stfu with your hypocrisy.

  12. If you think about it, communism was just a replacement for the church. Same type of ideology same type of rules, just a different set of people in power. What we have in the left now, is essentially cultural Marxism, this is not the left of the 1960s, which comes from exploration of the world and things like eastern philosophies and spiritual development. This. Left shares the most with the medieval Christianity it is a set of beliefs and anyone who doesn’t adhere to those beliefs is labeled morally deficient and shunned.

  13. Agreed, I used to look forward to gay pride every year, and would have fun at the parades. Not so much anymore, we're really taking things back to 1980.

  14. Do you all get together and ask "why do we only end up with adopted/surrogate sons"? How about the question of "why did we need to lie about the gay gene"? I don't care about German philosophers unless your are referring to the poet "Charles Bukowski".

  15. We have diversity entirely wrong. Skin color and sexual orientation don't matter. The only thing that matters is diversity of thought. Diversity is a good thing, having completely different ideals about life is not. If you create a business, you'd expect the board would want the best out of the company. Instead, you have people that want to tear down the business, while claiming you're a bigot for not aligning your ideals and values with theirs.

  16. "…when gay politics was subversive by necessity…"
    Subversive movements only become more chaotic and destructive, more subversive.
    Healthy reform comes from within and in good faith, not from subversive politics that seeks power.

  17. Lol both gay men that get it. I have known plenty of gay folks. They all are what I would call normal people. Just people living their lifes.

  18. It's funny how the modern left made being conservative punk rock and even punk rock now a days is supporting the establishment talking points.