Tim Dillon On Delta Variant

From The Tim Dillon Podcast Ep. #262
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  1. Remember how we were always told antibiotics are creating stronger antibiotic resistant strains of diseases? I Wonder what happens when you have a vaccine that just treats symptoms and doesn't actually eliminate a disease. I Wonder if that creates stronger vaccine resistant strains of diseases that we could name like sorority houses. Hmmm ?

  2. Who gives a fuck. Most people aren't in any danger. This is just an attempt by our fucked up and tyrannical, and illegitimate, regime to turn us all into compliant serfs.

  3. You know what makes me not believe shit? How are all these folks getting this virus multiple times while vaccinated, and I’ve been out the whole time working in logistics, a diesel mechanic, I work around ALOT of people ALL the time, and I haven’t caught anything that I know of yet. Me or my 2 kids and wife. Ive been tested like 10 times based on “possible exposure” and not once positive. This is in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been damn near open the whole time with mask restrictions maybe like 6 months out of this whole “pandemic”. We’ve been maskless for a while now.. so tell me how bad it really is? There’s not 1 hospital out here that’s overrun with sick and dying. This is a big ass city with ALOT of transients and folks coming in across the border. It’s NOT what they say it is.

  4. A voluntary collapsed economy and universal basic income in exchange for injections is an option for fools that want to keep acting out this reality show infomercial