Tim Dillon On Female Cops And The Police Hiring Process

Tim Dillon on the Kim Potter situation.
From episode 248:
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  1. Here in Australia in QLD did the same thing, Because this diversity bullshit, they hired all women over men, now all the women failed their Practicals & Theory exams, the men passed both these but where unsuccessful in their employment, now you have useless woman in uniform.

  2. The main reason cops don't aim for your legs is because if they hit your main artery, you're pretty much dead unless you're right outside of an Emergency Room. And legs are also harder to hit. But the artery thing is the main one, people would bleed out on the spot. And that's murder.

  3. Tim takes being gsy to the next level. Not only does he find women sexually unattractive. He also finds them socially unattractive. And unfit for the workforce

  4. It’s so weird to hear famous people talk about Kim potter. Her son is a year older then me, we went to the same highschool and my best friend used to live 2 houses down…. Crazy world.

  5. A Barber needs 3,000 hours of training before they are allowed to cut people's hair for money.
    A Tattoo artist has to apprentice for over 1 year before they can charge for a tattoo.
    A Police Officer only needs to do 6 weeks of training 4 days a week for 3 hours a day in order to murder people and be protected by a Union that has almost never given up their own Union members.
    Not saying cops are murderers, but murderers become cops.

  6. I worked at a club once in Australia and the female manager walked down the bar holding a hammer, she stopped and asked me " if someone asked you to get them a shifting spanner is this what you'd give them"? She was a nice lady so I told/showed her what to get so she wouldn't be embarrassed or humiliated.