Tim Dillon on the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Taken from JRE #1753 w/Tim Dillon:

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  1. You will NEVER here about the Mossad connection on CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. If you bring it up you are labeled "anti Semite" . Israel owns our main stream media and the bootlicking Evangelical voting base.

  2. The science community has been corrupt very long time we are just now learning that trans fats aren't that bad for you as we were taught it's because Big sugar company paid off the scientist so people wouldn't be concerned about sugar as much and to this day we are still more concerned about trans fats than sugar which is more dangerous

  3. why would a billionaire want to use epstien to pass build back better? corporations/billionaires would use him to crush it if that was true. what an asinine take

  4. There is a rock bottom of society. It exists.
    The society that is willing to strong arm everyone else by any means necessary is the society that comes out on top.
    To think america stays king of the hill just through capitalism is naive.
    on a different note, there is a growing trend to listen to non scripted people speaking possible ignorant truth vs scripted people speaking most likely lies.

  5. The way they are talking it sounds like Jeffrey Epstein ran the world. Everything they said implies he could blackmail any powerful person and drive the direction of issues. It does become easy to theorize and extrapolate when you are unquestioned. Before you know it you can extrapolate to extremes unless you question yourself along the way. Headlines are clickbait. Bolstering your theory with a 10 word headline is dangerous without reading the details.

  6. who was he gathering the leverage for? that is a no brainer.
    He was under investigation and arrested. Then the charges were dropped.
    CIA told William Barr, don't touch this guy, he is our man.
    and Barr dropped him like a hot potato.

  7. Censorship everywhere.
    Police protection for paedophiles.
    The spirit of Christ-mas bought by Coke…..

    In this time and age, we should remember the photo of a half naked man ESCAPING from Buckingham palace (obv wasn't able to fully escape). Seems that the royals are shot callers. Anyone is rather suspect if they cozy up to the royals. 🇬🇧👋

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