Tim Explains What People Can Do To Push BACK On The Far-Left Chaos

Tim offers his actionable ideas for what people can do to protect their rights and preserve a free, livable world for their posterity.

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  1. I can confirm if you think you are going to lose you will not show up I did not vote for Brexit thanks to the MSM convincing me there was no way Brexit was ever going to win.

  2. The media won’t report on the peaceful Right linking arms to protect a statue being attacked by the violent statue takers. It won’t happen.

  3. I do applaud ur psychology of saying Trump might not win( to make sure people still go and vote) but like so many other like minded people, I’m showing up to vote like someone owes me money. I’m showin up even if they say he already won. I’m showing up the day after it’s over. ETC, ETC!!!

  4. Tim you say the right never protest but we have the 2a protest right before the covid insanity and here in Arizona we had a shutdown protest both were national news for 2 seconds

  5. Your poll is that Republicans aren't happy right now with what Trump is doing. And that could absolutely be true. But do you really think that means they will suddenly say "oh socialism must be better, I'll vote for Biden" ?
    I don't think so Tim.

  6. There's just one problem with that approach in today's circumstances, and it's a fatal one. The media, no matter how peaceful and unarmed, will frame the people locking arms and getting beaten for no reason as the bad guys. They will say right wing extremist racists attempted to stop a statue of a slave owner from being toppled by patriotic Americans fighting for civil rights and justice. My point is we are waaaaay past the point of Tim's approach working. Too many sources of people's information are corrupted.

  7. Nicholas Sandman was vilified by the media for just standing there and smirking. The Left went after him anyway.

    You are ALWAYS the bad guy to the Left. ALWAYS. To them, Tim Pool is Far-Right.

    These people don’t give a shit about being peaceful or violent. They are completely beyond reason and debate and just want to ruin and destroy. By any excuse necessary. If they don’t find an enemy, they will make one up. They view people who don’t think like them as evil and irredeemable and subject of scorn and violence. Kneeling to them doesn’t work. They are Marxist Revolutionaries and the only way to get freedom from them is war.

  8. I think the Right needs to stop acting like the civil war hasn't begun. There is nothing you can say to get them off the on ramp to war. It doesn't matter if Trump wins or loses because they will claim victory no matter what and then neither side is gunna back down. Then the DeepState joins the Democrates and the Republicans rep the Great American Horde in an ultra, 2nd time, last time showdown… TICKETS!…TICKETS!…GET YOUR TICKETS!…lol

  9. Tim is such an anti-conservative. Can't give them credit for anything, and on the rare occasions that he does he always qualifies it heavily and minimizes it. Almost never gives Trump credit as well. If that's his brother in this video he's on point and is clearly not biased in favor of either party.

    Tim on the other hand is massively biased towards Democrats to the point of stockholm syndrome. They hate him yet he refuses to ever consider voting Republican or third party. It really damages his credibility as the 'rational leftie.' He's not rational. He's desperate to defend Democrats when the other two people don't seem to care either way and recognize bullshit. Tim always works hard to downplay all but the most egregious stuff Democrats pull. It's the same problem that people have with the Communist News Network or Washington Compost, they are clearly biased but won't admit it.

  10. What we need is a massive Black American March on Washington in opposition to BLM. The ideology of BLM. Trailed by white people. So im picturing a black American March in support of their country and the constitution denouncing antifa, flanked by white and brown people.

  11. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why they didn't just shut off the water/gas/electricity to CHAZ? Use signal jammers to cut off cell usage? Seems like that would have ended much sooner if they had…

  12. I'm sorry Tim but I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that. When has the media been on the side of the normal ordinary citizen. If they did such a peaceful protest linking arms and then having these leftist assault them would have maybe a couple words on the media and on the Internet and that would be about it. It just wouldn't fit their narrative.

  13. If conservatives organized and started "peaceful protesting" antifa would show up and hijack the protest. I personally think citizens need to go undercover and become snipers and start assinating antifa members. These antifa thugs are actually cowards, if they started seeing each other getting shot they would be terrified to go show up and riot anywhere. A few citizens on top of a building with a rifle and scope…..or shooting out a window where they can't be seen, would end all this "rioting" bullshit.