Tim EXPLODES, Slams The People Who REFUSE To Stand Up To The Mob

In his most epic rant to date, Tim absolutely unloads on everyone who is complaining so loudly about the culture war while they refuse to fight it.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. When they started cancelling people, we said nothing,
    when they burned our cities, we STILL said nothing,
    when they took our house and savings….we stayed silent….
    Because we were dead inside all along.

  2. BLM and antifa are Communist Marxist's. They have said it on CNN. One of their main tactic is violence. They have no problem using violence. And, believe me, they do NOT want to sit down and have a conversation.

  3. First of all, Tim unhinged is fucking real and I love it. Secondly, I had a neighbor offer me a BLM sign to put in my lawn, I told him no and he was really kind to my decline. Tim – the world can do the right thing and it's thanks to your show and other IDW people. Juts keep doing what you're doing, bc your show arms people with the necessary information to decline these things and reject the extremists.

  4. Schumer ads for survey poll is disturbing. Why ask something retorical. Democrats that wont vote for biden kamala they will not answer the poll question at the ones who answer will probably poll the majority as yes. But in the end its not accurate. Many Democrats that wont vote biden harris wont take the poll because they dont want to be targeted by or email or by phone

  5. Ist debate question demand term limits in for Congress know you would have to do 12 but the swamp wont kill it self look a Congress picture in 76 the ones who caused this

  6. You're not completely right. There are plenty of us who have said NOT ANYMORE! We tell the left to sit down and shut up, because we're sick of it. The point has been reached, has been reached with riots in cities and the media calling it "peaceful". It's been reached with white people being beaten simply because we're white. When Trump wins, and the left explodes, we're ready for it. They can do what they want in their big cities, burn them to the ground. We don't need them anymore. We used to, back when they were manufacturing centers, but that's not the case anymore. Let them burn. When they come to small town america, they're not gonna like what happens, because they're not going to get away with the same garbage they've been getting away with in their cities. If someone comes for me and mine, they better be ready to put me down, because that's the only way it happens…. and everyone I know is the same way. We're not gonna lie down and die like the people in the cities are.

  7. I also hate how people say that what Hitler did to the Jews should never happen again. But its happening in East Turkestan. CCP is committing genocide against Uyghur people and nobody is saying or doing anything.

  8. This is the end game plan, your damned if you do, and damned if you dont! Let's see what happen when it comes to everyhouse in america. They are targeting each patriot one at a time, if america fails it will be because of cowards.

  9. The Left has taken over one of the most conservative cities in America. Boise, Idaho. Democrat mayor and city council member, a Chief of Police from Portland. We are trying to recall the mayor and certain city council members but Californians are moving here and effecting our city for the worse.

  10. What is the law and risks if someone stands up to the mob…. What happened to the people that stood up to the mob breaking in their gate. I suggest that everyone wanting to cancel the mob figure out the law and be able to articulate why they did what they did calmly to the police. Then have "Saul" on retainer.

    Neighborhood watches are doing their groundwork behind their walls if they are smart…..

  11. Tim is absolutely right. Other dude, good intentions won't stop them from jumping you. I would love to see you show up to the next protest and change my mind….. But you seem like a nice enough dude and I really don't want to see you get hurt so scratch that idea. Lol

  12. Hate to keep commenting, but Tim is right. I'm a dual u.s/ Italian citizen and my family on my mom's side is originally from an area of Italy called Istria which was given to the Communist and became Yugoslavia after world war II. When Marxism gets a foothold it's over. They even took janitors who worked cleaning a government building, tied stones around their necks and feet and threw them in the ocean just because they cleaned a gov building. Anyone who wasn't extremely enthusiastic about the new regime was taken to big holes in the ground, shot and burried or they were thrown in the sea. It seemed like after their enemies were taken out play just continued to look for reasons to kill people. My family escaped as refugees. Where America is right now, it might be a good idea to leave. There is a global agenda being carried out by global elite to implement a one word communist government and economic system. America has to go in order for their plan to come to fruition. Coronavirus has largely helped their plans excellerate. Scary times.

  13. Tim man! That was truly terrifying & inspiring i commend you for having the guts for speaking the truth! I never thought i would say this to a democrat/liberal. But i stand by my convictions! Thank you for FIGHTING for America ??

  14. Seem's Tim Pool is a full blown fascist. He can't handle the pressure of his "Great Leader" losing. I know he is disappointed just like any NK nationalist. But he panders to the retarded right wingers.

  15. Pretty sure most of Trumps supporters are Conservatives but not actually Republicans. Republicans sold us out to the Democrats years ago for scraps from the Democrats international money table. And its disgusting.

  16. Tim caught you on glen beck show and it was a very good show…I only disagreed with one point that you made, anarchist
    [ an-er-kist ]
    a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism.
    a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed.
    a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom.

  17. This as a retarded conversation on so many different levels. People don't know when they are being hypocrites. Tim poole is literally having this meltdown over the possibility that Joe Biden might win. They are making these insane presumptions that the left will start a civil war. They are purposely making up all this bullshit and people somehow buy into this.