Tim Pool did Nothing Wrong

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  1. I wonder what kind of people take outlets like Vice and Daily Beast …. seriously. I cant imagine a human being with half a brain taking these types of outlets even remotely seriously … and if they do they must be either very hateful people or incredibly low IQ.

  2. Tim is a fence sitter for sure, so I don't know why they think he is a danger to anyone. Awful that he has been smeared this way. Fence sitters are annoying, but very necessary for balanced views.

  3. He is a coward. He's tried to hide his baldness for years under the beanie. I've always been more interested in if he sleeps in the beanie. Or if he showers in the beanie. So many unanswered questions.

  4. Tim pool, like so many "liberal" and conservative podcasters who try to cover their asses when it comes to Trump and the lawlessness and racism of the Democrats, eventually gets eaten

  5. Tim's a Rino. He's fakes concern while actually giving the most liberal radicals press and a sort of credibility to the completely uncredible that no one pays attention to. He acts like the looney left is only just a little wrong and only need to shift a tiny bit to be all good.

  6. facinating to see the far left reacting like this. see the recent interview with lily tang williams – an eye opener about real communism – coming to a country near you

  7. That one unnamed editorial staffer, I wonder if it's that one that stole computer equipment and just tried to unseat Tim as Chairman by holding a non-quorum meeting with a non-shareholder.

  8. Well to be honest he did man on the ground investigative journalism back when it was easy, now he doesn't have the balls to do so when we need his kind of work today. He's free to do so, so you can't call it wrong but it's definitely a dick move getting this relaxed in our current political climate when we need all hands on deck.

  9. Look, there's a lot to criticize Tim on, and frankly I don't disagree with the initial framing, but not being far-left enough is not a valid criticism of the man.

  10. I still don't like Tim Pool. He criticized a gay conservative real journalist who's been recording Antifa's activities in person and got beat up by those freaks. Also he treated Alex Jones like shit for being entertaining in Tim Pool's podcast. Tim Pool still a fence sitting left leaning grifter fool, waiting for his super chats. He's just another Ben Shapiro.

  11. I'm not even right leaning and I don't think Tim is conservative we're both liberals that don't step toe to line for the narrative they want to keep