Tim Pool, Eliza Bleu, The Quartering – a 30,000 foot perspective

I like Tim, I like the Quartering. This Eliza Bleu woman seems a bit suss. How is she getting people banned I wonder?

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  1. Honestly, I gravitate back and forth from really liking the videos and topics "The Quartering" does….to really hating them and the endless drama cycle he tends to have. I guess that just means that I only like his drama when its in line with the drama that I have going on in my life lmao.

  2. Jeremy from the $.025 is a complete twat. I can't stand him. Sorry, team Tim. Tim doesn't have to address shit it doesn't want to and then the PV stuff happened and he had a damn good point. We are all on the same team and this devisive shit isn't helping anyone.

  3. I also don't care about any of this. The people bitching about it are idiots, the people who care about Twitter are idiots, everyone needs to come back to reality and realize this weird crazy liar is not worth their time or energy. Ignore her and she will break down and hopefully die.

  4. TLDR: Timmy mainly apologized because of Project Veritas.

    Imo tim only "apologized" because of what went down at Veritas. And no, I don't mean because of any of that "rightwing fracturing" bs that "we all gotta prevents!!!" stuff he brought up. No. What's spooked tim is that they're ousting James O'Keefe, Mr. Veritas himself. Apparently his staff didn't like how things are being run over there. Tim read the entire grievance letter and that was essentially the gist from what I can tell. And with them saying they'll continue the brand without the founder, terrified tim.

    My bet is throughout all this virtue signaling from both Veritas and Timcast, there have (obviously) been, let's say, 'indesgretions', happening behind the scenes. And one thing that's guaranteed to rub actual virtuous people the wrong way, is blatant hypocrisy.

    So, I have a sneeking suspicion that when timmy boy saw that those at Veritas weren't having it with jame's antics and shenanigans, that that's what really sent shivers down'ole timmy boys spine. And I say this with near certainty due to the little anectote he threw into his "apology" video. He brought up what happened at some company that had to fire its entire staff… Because as he put it, "they lost moral".

    Which is truly laughable, seeing as one of his grievances was with The Quartering, giving him a "veiled threat". And yet here we are, with anyone that can read between the lines, seeing tim making an actual veiled threat. Only this time, to his entire staff.

    So, with all that, coupled with that inconvenient video now popping up of little miss bleu giving Ian a footjob being a glistening cherry on top, I'm more than willing to bet that that's what actually led to his little speech touting, "we gost ta all bandz up an we gost ta all wurkz togethurs an we gost ta all be frenz! Yeah yeah yeah!!!! Forget an furgivs an keepz givin me moar munniez pretti plzzzz!!!!!!

    Anyhow, here endeth my rant.

  5. I like them both, but Jeremy didn't deserve any of this…. he was right… Tim did not handle it well, and im more of a Tim fan than a quartering fan but this didn't make Tim look good at all.

  6. I've always hated Tim pool, he's a piece of shit through and through.

    Jeremy isn't nearly as bad but I had to unsub when he started doing those cringe youtube shorts, I probably would have unsubbed soon anyway though as his thumbnails/titles have become increasingly clickbait.

  7. They're okay I guess, if borderline grifters. Or in Tim's case, fence sitting grifter and self righteous skater c*nt. Jeremy lost any of my serious attention when he highlighted his gd beard. Why such a small thing was such a turn off, I don't really know. I was half expecting him to highlight his actual hair and go full on Slim Shady at one point; made it hard as hell to take him seriously. He's hardly a LyRiCaL wOrDsMiTh, yo.

    I mean, it still is hard to take them seriously. Everyone's complaint's about free speech on this platform is that they aren't getting paid for advertisements because they talk about things the advertisers have no interest in participating in. I have zero patience for woke anything and immediately vomit when I hear people bloviating about their gd virtues (that most of the time they've forced someone else to pay for). I am also completely unsurprised when a company doesn't want the negative press of getting behind myself or anyone else preaching our ideals; even if they just got done sponsoring some effeminate fkboi trying to sell men, tampons.

    I haven't been on Team _____ at all through-out the DW/Crowder thing and I don't suspect I'll be persuaded to root for either of these assholes either. It takes a good deal of hard work to earn $50k a year. If you work earning 50k a year you'll only gross 2.25 million dollars over the course of your entire life. To hear pampered talking heads talk about whether they're worth multiple lifetimes of work in pay each and every gd year is not something I'm prepared to seriously consider, nor do I think I ever will be. Apparently mass-marketing is super hard to wrap your head around and understanding that someone had to sell tens of millions of a thing to earn their fortune is the same as having the right highlights and the right toys behind you while you fucking gossip for a living.

    At the end of the day, none of these YouTube assholes give a damn about me or anyone else outside of the ability to monetize my eyeballs. Even if you like to say things I agree with, you have a vested interest in me that is unconcerned with my well being or liberties outside of being able to fund your lifestyle with my disposable time.

  8. It's not just Gaslighting, it's Gaslighting on the level of notes being passed in class and makes you seriously consider the integrity of the man's ability to arrive at a logical conclusion. And that's the mfkr screaming Civil War and WW3 in every damned video. Dudes a c*nt. Straight up.

  9. What in the F are they teaching in English class these days? Every single person that writes articles for a living is chomping at the bit awaiting their opportunity to write a hyperbolic essay about their virtues or someone else's lack there of.

  10. this woman is warped…..she is legit perfect example of a Marxist/commi form her nepotism to her connections to people of stature accompanied by her need to live off the backs of victims by saying shes a victim….this seems like a very intelligent person charading as someone of low stature how she plays off shes poor and need help ……she seems like the person who finds damage woman using this front to rope them into a escort service (like how pimps have there bottom bitch go find other girls to break into their fold)

  11. Has anyone else seen TPs music video? He wrote and sung a soppy love song song, and made a music video. Its horrible, just think Kirk Van Houtens "Can I borrow a feeling?" off the Simpsons. And yes the beanie stays on the entire time.🤣🤣

  12. Tim keeps on (Freudian)slipping slipping slipping!
    This is psychology 101 kids!
    Maybe, but most likely, she has some incriminating private time that Tim didn't know was being recorded 🤷🏼‍♂️

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