Tim Talks About Joe Rogan’s Possible Vote For Trump, Says He May Have To, As Well

Tim mulls the idea of a Trump 2020 vote, following in Adam’s and possibly also Joe Rogan’s footsteps.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Never seen a more out of touch group of pundits than this. They're going to replace Biden? Uhh not gonna happen. Also, guess who voted for Biden as the nominee… people! The boogeyman DNC idea from these lunatic Bernie Bros is extremely hilarious.

  2. Girls I get, but kissing a baby is pedo?, kissing the little shits in the mouth would be gross you don't want that shit in your mouth. But I've kissed babies in their cheeks and bellies numerous times, had tons of cousins, I guess I'm a 25 year old pedo, damnnn

  3. If you Like Trump because he "doesn't lie," but he gives vague or non concrete statements (so that he can always call back to it and say "I never said that") you're falling for the same political tricks as the politicians who just lie. It's the same run around!!!!

    I'm not a fan of Biden either though just to be clear…

  4. Lien Cuomo??? GTF out of her with that… Nobodies voting for that optimistic pos, how many people did he kill with his respirator political bullshit? Did 10,000 innocent people die, or did 20,000 people die because of his politically motivated lies? He won't be around long enough to make a difference either way, his political life is over…………

  5. Well, I had at one point enjoyed your content… now I'm gonna find someone else to watch for a while. Good luck on any of your future endeavors Tim.

  6. This video is so encouraging. I don't agree with everything they do, yet they are logically discussing their beliefs and not mocking those who dont. This is how America was founded.

  7. Anyone who stands for rationality needs to vote for Trump.
    Like him or hate him, the Democrats are insane right now. Leftism has become lunacy.

  8. This conversation and topic remind me of a south park episode. Who will you vote for? A Turd Sandwich or a Giant Douche

  9. "May have to" what kind of fucking dipshit subscribes to that garbage "lesser of 2 evils" theory. Either you vote your morals or you have none, plain and simple. And if you don't vote your morals you're a lying sack of shit who clearly can't be trusted.

  10. Don't watch the show enough but the girl is super cute. Haha. Somehow came across Tim on Rogan podcast and I'm definitely a fan of Stan….I mean Tim. Damn South Park.

  11. I seriously would need to see your ballot to believe youd had voted for trump. And video of you putting the ballot into the voting machine. You talk a good game but.. . .

  12. Joe Biden doesn't really exist. Everytime I see a 78 year old (the Golden State Killer is only 72) I am infuriate with the irresponsibility of the DNC to hid behind this creepy incompetent old man. 2024 will be better.

  13. IF Biden wins, right after he is inaugurated, Pelosi, DNC, and his chosen black female VP will declare him mentally incapacitated and force him to step aside. His VP will be elevated to the presidency and Pelosi as Speaker of the House may well be appointed VP. It is constitutional even if utterly corrupt.

  14. Anyone having a prob between voting between outright MARXISM and general freedoms has screws loose. Its not difficult to see Trump is the only logical choice for USA now…if you actually want a life direction based on sanity.