Timcast IRL – Australia Cyber Spying Bill Allows Device Takeover w/Sydney Watson And Elijah Schaffer

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  1. It's Marxism not fascism.

    Fascism is a bundle of rods around a central rod, mace or axe, whom ever wants to be leader places their rod/axe in the top of capitoline (skull/head) hill and those that want them to be leader put their rod (vote) with the one who wants to be leader's placed rod/axe and then they are bundled together as a symbol of their unity, all power in one man.

  2. God is a crime boss saying "pay your protection money or something bad might happen" Yeah you have free will to get your kneecaps broken in that situation. But it's that free will?

    Your God created everything, when he could have made everything great and perfect.

    The god of the Bible sucks.

  3. Regarding the 'middle notes", both instruments are string instruments ? You can't compare two instruments and conclude the one is better than the other, for Christ's sake ppl and you can't judge the piano because Bevis and Butthead can't even spell it.? Guitar's satisfaction time span is (I believe) 2 years were piano's is 5, which means that you feel that you can play in public earlier with the guitar rather than with piano. Besides, you can't just grab your piano and jump on the back of a track after school on a Friday afternoon, on your way to the lake with the gang for the weekend. Can you now? ??
    BTW you can press the pedals to sustain or dampen a note.

  4. When we die, we leave our physical body behind, so what we equate the suffering of hell to be has less to do with physical pain and more about the eternal separation from God…

  5. She is right Australians DON'T drink Foster's other than to laugh at this notion that we do and have magically stumbled across it.
    We have VB or Victoria Bitter, Tooheys and XXXX Gold as your more common beers then we also have Carlton, Pure Blonde and James Squires.
    We do also have Heineken and Corona not ours but it's pretty common to drink

  6. 1:41:45 This is slowly happening with the expansion of the gig economy. Once it applies to enough people, you can expect income tax exemptions for, at the very least, anyone earning less than six figures, and serious scaling back of exemption complexity as a result of most people simply being exempt.

  7. Bible says you are allowed to defend yourself and family. Knowing God, just read the Bible, it says God IS The Word. It'll tell you everything. The Bible also says your heart is the most deceptive part in a person. So you have to "be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove." Unless you have to defend yourself or family. Also, don't believe in the rapture, just letting you know

  8. 1:17:47 The Roman government killed Jesus, not the Jews.
    As an atheist, this Christian idea always confused me. Since Jesus had to die in order to "save the souls of sinners," why did Christians in the past harm and kill Jews for this?
    Shouldn't the Christians have been thanking the Jews for giving the Christians a way to salvation?

  9. I am not in a border city, I am Canadian, please come and rescue us, PLEASE. I would move to Florida, or Texas, or New Hampshire, PLEASE. My Province is relatively normal and I'm going crazy, my family lives two hours away in a neighbouring province and I can't go see them because I don't have the vaccine. This is nuts and mentally abusive.