Timcast IRL – Biden Picked Kamala Harris As VP And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

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  1. Tim's been wrong about Trump from the beginning. Tim's ego won't allow Adam to come across better than him but Adam does anyway. Adam has a lightness to him that contrasts negatively with Tim's darkness.

  2. I think you're giving the Dems way too much credit. I don't think they are as smart as you give them credit for. I think they thought Joe would win over the moderates and Kameltoe would win over the extremists and it wasn't going to matter anyway because they plan on stealing the election anyway with the mail in votes.

  3. I am a moderate. In the truest sense of the word. I couldn’t vote for Trump the first time. I couldn’t vote for Hillary. I voted for Obama twice and Cheney’s Sock Puppet twice.
    I will be voting Trump purely because of the actions of the Democrat Governor’s and their lockdowns. Especially Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who is interpreting a 1945 emergency powers law to mean she has unilateral control of everything until she says the danger has passed. Even though there is a 1976 law that only gives her 28days and after that the legislature has to vote to continue her emergency powers. She has turned Michigan into a literal monarchy. The legislature has sued her and it is working its way through the state courts. She is blatantly violating constitutional separation of powers. For that reason I will NEVER vote Democrat again. Their flagrant disregard for basic Constitutional Government is far more dangerous than ANYTHING Orangeman has done.

  4. So this is the last time I get to see mom and dad at the table together I’m just gonna keep watching this episode so I can pretend y’all didn’t get divorced

  5. Who’s here re-watching this pod cast trying to pick up on nuances and subtle body language clues to try and figure out why Adam is no longer on Timcast? ??‍♀️

  6. For everyone saying that Timcast IRL is over I highly doubt it. I also highly doubt that Adam will be off the show. Here is why.
    TLDR: Timcast IRL's business plan is to capitalize on the political homeless of left and right wing moderates.

    In this episode alone they talk about how Adam is opening up his own show in back.
    By moving Adam to the back doing his own show; this frees Tim up to take on more guests.
    They have hinted about how there is a politically homeless group of moderate left and right wingers, who can not watch Fox or CNN because they are over the top, in past shows.

    What I believe they are doing is establishing themselves as moderates with Tim being slightly left slanted and Adam being slightly right slanted with the goal of capturing the moderates from both sides to become their base of viewership. This is the only show that I know of that is doing this and since most people in the USA are moderates themselves, to some degree, they will have the potential of having massive following while in a way, at least temporarily, having a Monopoly over this strategy. The only issue there is with this strategy, and also the reason why most news stations pick sides, is that moderates tend not to spend lots of money or time on politics except maybe in todays hyperpartisan political climate which will end one day. What is really interesting though is that, with enough viewership, they might have a better idea as to which side America is leaning towards simply by counting the amount of viewers that Timcast and Adamcast is getting and they may be able to predict presidential outcomes.

  7. Adam was definitely grinding the gears in most shows, and he looks so much better without any hat or bandage on his head….but he wears the beanie to increase likes….something wrong going on on so adieu Adam and drop the headgears

  8. I won't go gung ho for Trump in public, because yes, I'm afraid someone will physically attacked me. I wear a cap outside and someone knocks it off my head. I'm not equipped to handle that. But I'm an armchair/online activist and I will NOT be silent on line.

  9. I would continue watching these people if they just came out and said why they disbanded. If you dont respect the fans enough to inform them of such a major change, then i won't respect you or anything you say.

  10. Their most viewed episode is Adam's last appearance and nobody even knew it. Tim is still pulling in the same numbers though. Adam is struggling for views on his show. I wish Adam luck but people watch the show for Tim.

  11. My 12 year old daughter was upset that I put a Trump sign in my front yard and I ask her why does it bother you so much and she couldn’t even speak after I asked her that. Deer in the headlights .

  12. I stopped watching this because of Adam, but came back to this episode to see what happened, and don't see anything obvious. They likely parted on amicable terms. I've watched Tim Poole for a long time and will continue to watch his show, now.