Timcast IRL – China Mocks U.S. And Biden Admin Over Afghanistan Disaster w/Yossi Gestetner

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Guest: Yossi Gestetner
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  2. Rights are imposed on governments, not granted by them. They're one of the main ways to stop governments or authorities from becoming tyrannical. The reverse wouldn't make sense: Governments are neither benevolent nor intelligent enough to grant freedoms or rights to their citizenry.

  3. We did not "give" the Afgan people some benificent gift anymore than a rapist gives his victim sex. Please make this distinction. They didn't ask us to come and we weren't there for the benefit of the people, but for our own purposes of power.

  4. Ian is wrong about the Korean War starting because we wanted to test our new weapons. We were largely unprepared after decreasing the military after WWII. We didn’t have many new toys so to speak when the war started.

  5. Hey Ian, don't be a son of a bitch and say that our troops are mowing down children willy nilly as if they're heartless bastards that are just murderers. We have some of the most moral troops along with Isreal in the world.

  6. Tim, you're a fucking idiot! And I say that with love! Our presence there keeps the Taliban at bay, those people who "don't want to fight" are just scared. I agree that at some point they have to figure this shit out for themselves but what ab all my brothers and sisters that died over there for the past 20 years?? At this point it was all for nothing we just handed it back to the Taliban and it's a spit in the face to their memory and their sacrifice.

  7. Ian said “Rights are given.” No, Ian, we are born with our rights, which is the reason they cannot be taken away (except through force). Read the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

  8. China mocks the US. And to be honest, with Biden as President they would be fools not to ridicule the US. P.S. It's not just the Chinese. The Russians, Europeans, Africans, South Americans, and Australians are mocking Biden aswell.

  9. A lot of idealists in the comments here, Ill just quote George Carlin "Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges."

  10. True about getting out – the point is that the US has ALREADY taken responsibility for interfering for 20 years – so it IS/WAS responsible for a proper and considered means of gradual exit not for facilitating a debacle.