Timcast IRL – Democrat Chicago Mayor Bans Protests At Her House, They Are So Crooked

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  1. This probably falls under big state but what about a live feed of classrooms? If I can go to the website of my dog's daycare facility and see & hear how my dog is being treated throughout the day, shouldn't parents be able to do the same for their children at school? After all, their taxes are paying for their childs education so they should know exactly what they are paying for.

  2. There's noway Pelosi becomes president, Trump is always two or three steps ahead the insanes democrats.
    Impeachment, impeachment !!!! said the democrats for two years…look what happened!
    Trump seems sometimes weak, but watch the way he exposes the democrats, and the leftits.
    Sorry about my poor english.

  3. If I were a firearms dealer, anytime I had a known national reporter apply for a gun, I would err on the side of caution. I would probably put them through every hurdle just because I would believe they are looking for something to criticize. Of course that would be a biased outlook, but I could see the reasoning. – MayorMike

  4. I got a haircut! I got it illegally. The cost is $8 normally, I tipped her $42 dollars and told her to consider voting everybody that has imposed this lockdown out of office and wished her luck.

    I normally tip her $12 BTW – she does a good job, I don't go often, and really $8 is too little for a haircut.

  5. "I have the right" No you have a RESPONSIBILITY to make sure THE CITY is secure. You've neglected your duties, now you pay the price.

  6. Your ego is just starting to get too big for your britches dude. Seriously, you are turning me off in IRL. You think you've done so much and you're the shit. Jesus, I've been more places and in actual combat. Let your "guests" have an opinion without acting like a pretentious douche.

  7. 1:46:24 – In Europe everyone is a collectivist, so the split is between Particularist on the Right and Cosmopolitan on the Left. The Liberals were more associated with the Right.

    In the US until recently everyone was a Liberal, with the Particularists on the Right and Cosmopolitans on the Left, with the Collectivists associated with the Left. However the Collectivists have been taking over the Left which is pushing Cosmopolitan Liberals to join the Right.

    That's why "far-right" is associated with the Right. If you consider that the whole political spectrum exists within the internal split among Collectivists then Racist Pro-White Communism is Right. However, there is a whole other world of Liberalism that is opposed to Collectivism, and that has it's completely different definition of Right and Left.

  8. 1:45:59 I can't hear it anymore… Let's just call the current (far) right winged people in europe na*i that sure is the right word to describe them. For f*cks sake! You watch Tim Pool in Germany and you're called a na*i. By now it should be clear that Antifa doesn't like Tim. Everything that is central in Germany is pretty close to far left or they at least support it.
    I literally lost a friend just because I mentioned I liked how much non bias facts we get from listening to Tim and how often the media appears to twist things. And that is only the person that answered you "na*i scum go and live in america then". Some others just didn't contacted me since then.
    Criticle thinking is forbidden. If you ask for the source of a statistic: Na*i. If you check a statistic and explain someone that the statistic isn't refering to what they just said: Na*i. You say "I don't know if that is right. I wait until further evidence emerge":Na*i.
    I doubt most people know how much it reduces the negative historic meaning when they say it to current right winged parties or just anyone who disagrees witht hem. Another video from Tim had a comment where someone explained how the word "racist" lost it's meaning to them. I doubt that we want that for na*i.

  9. Just to clarify, the Proud Boys are Pro-American and are just pushing back against the communist antifa/blm group! Thank you Proud Boys because, even local leadership, in Portland and Seattle won’t push back against these Anti-American, violent group of thugs! ??

  10. Facts, logic and linear thinking are the ways Conservatives argue their points. Leftists are all emotion. You can't argue or change the minds of emotional people. Vote RED!

  11. One large wild boar can gore a man to death with his tusks. They routinely kill hunting dogs. People even put puncture proof vests on their hunting dogs, if they're hunting for boar. They can run in large packs and will eat everything in sight. The females can reproduce frequently, and even a .other dies the other females in the pack will nurse and take of the piglets. Adults can get to be 400 or 600 pounds

  12. This is off-topic/on-topic but I just saw something and I tried it for myself. When I type in in google on my phone it goes to Joe Biden's website. Is this fricking scary or what. See if it happens to you guys. But I might be late in hearing about this too. You may already know this "Crazy" ?

  13. Becoming a gun owner is a very fast acting redpill. You go your entire life being a good citizen, doing what you're told and then decide you want to take part in a very important constitutional right. You follow the rules, you're safe, you bend over backwards for all the crazy gun laws… And then you're called a killer. The government, your own party paints you as a monster. They are constantly making new nonsensical laws. You're constantly discriminated against by the media, people look at you differently if they know you're a gun owner. They say things that aren't true and nonsense. It makes you realize that people, the media and our government is full of shit and hypocritical liars. And then you start hearing about other things that you have been lied to about.

  14. A month? To buy a gun?????????? lolololol

    Literally walked into a pawn shop and in 20 minutes had a new S&W SD9 VE.
    Week later? Ordered a Walther P22 from a pawn shop in Ohio, it arrived, $25 transfer fee, and since I had my Weapons Permit by that point (no background check needed once you have that) I got it in 5 minutes lol.