Timcast IRL – FBI Issues Warrant For Info Wars Reporter Owen Shroyer w/Dave Smith & Mises Founder

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  1. I'm not entirely surprised that there were more converts from "Right" to libertarians than from "Left" to libertarians. Many years ago, I saw a blog from a libertarian who claimed he wasn't "conservative", and I thought "what are you talking about? You're far more conservative than I am!" At the time, I saw only "one" axis, and that was "freedom" to "government control", and as far as I was concerned, the more to the "right" you were, the more anarchonistic you were — and this blogger was "anarcho-capitalist".

    And while my "understanding" has changed somewhat, I still stand by one thing: America was founded on liberty. If you're a "radical" that wants to go back to "the old ways", you're going to want to go back to freedom. If you're a "conservative", you're going to try to conserve liberty. If you are "conservative" but think there should be a war on drugs, or war to secure resources and world peace, or there should be laws limiting sexual behavior, among other things, you're far more open to conversion to "live and let live, let's all be free" than any Leftist, whose ultimate goal is to control everything.

    As for myself: I've grown a lot more libertarian over the years, but while I can see the "need" for the various wars we have gotten entangled in over the years, it annoys me greatly that our politicians haven't considered these as things to be "won", which is why we've lost so many of them (both to the detriment of us, of the countries we've invaded, and of the world in general). It's been a very long time since we've had a clear mission, taken care of that mission, and get out (with maybe a small force left behind to keep everyone intimidated, as has been done in Germany, Japan, and South Korea, among other places).

    What's more, I can't help but realize that a major reason for these wars — to secure much-needed resounces — is the result of self-inflicting regulation preventing the obtaining our own resourses, along with an unwillingness to "export" what regulation is really necessary via tariffs on countries that refuse to implement similar regulations. Why bother with the Middle East at all if we're energy independent? But we're closing nuclear power plants, Biden is closing our pipeline (while giving the go-ahead for the Russian one), and shutting out fracking permits. If we can't make use of our own resources, we have to get them somewhere, which wouldn't be a bad thing … unless that "somewhere" is politically unstable.

    Of course, if we had to invade a region, one of the best ways to restore stability would be to re-draw the artificial boundaries of the Middle East to better reflect the cultural and natural boundaries of the region — but it's a solution that no one seems willing to consider, at all.

    Which brings us back to the question: what are we doing, going to war, if we're not willing to do what needs to be done to accomplish the mission and to end the war, as permanently as possible?

  2. Someone's talking about someone prying their chi from their dead hands is so far into hyperbole territory …it's unfortunate….PROBABLY America won't crumble like this

  3. I do take issue with progressives pushing a socialist ideology while at the same time they live like kings. It proves they don't stand for anything. If they truely believed the nonscense they spew, they would willingly distribute their wealth. But they don't. Why? Because it's not mandated? Well it isn't mandated for people to donate to charities, but they do. Modern progressives are hypocrits, and we need to point this out. I don't hate them for being rich. I respect the grind. But I won't put up with the hypocrisy. They virtue signal and shame everyone who doesn't, yet they don't actually live by the standards they set for others.

    This is kind of off topic, but Ive been watching the comedy central roasts and roast battles and these people that try preaching that capitalism is inherently racist are up on stage saying the most racist shit and laughing their asses off at it. I get it, comedy is meant to push bounderies, but if someone like Crowder or Dave Smith were to tell a joke half as racist as these liberals are, they would be shut down in seconds. It's all a joke. I'm sick of it.

    (Edit) To sum it all up; if your actions don't back up your words, then you're a PoS.

  4. Tim you are propagating FAKE NEWS!!!!! Viewers PLEASE check out everything I say here, You will be very much more factually Based if you do. His Dark Hired Guest is 90% COMPLETELY WRONG and despite his being more Right than Left he's Parroting the Socialist Lies and Misinformation I experienced during the 60's. In fact anyone could and did issue currency or coin right from the beginning. The idea of the Gold AND Silver Backed came later from the Federal Government. We had 2 other forms of Government before we went Federal which is where the Republicans derived from. We loaned many countries money during WW2 at very low interest rates. ALL did not fully pay it back save Germany but we did actually and Truly Save the World. France collected Gold backed Currency as well as some Silver backed. The French War debt was forgiven by us and immediately after that they demanded Gold form their Dollars. That is the Truth and the source of the Misinformation the Dark Haired guest is Broadcasting.
    The Constitution existed from the beginning. Executive Orders did not exist and did recently expand the Executive Branch. It was the EXTERNAL Threats that expanded the Central Government from way back when we had to deal with things like the Barbary Pirates which us where No American Left Behind comes from. FDR aka President Roosevelt did the most expanding of Centralized Power in an attempt to make us Socialistic.
    There have been Super Rich since not long after Humans stopped being Hunter Gathers. The Robber Barons of the !800's – 1900's had similar Fortunes to those of today and actually accomplished FAR more than our Super Rich who just gather it and sit on it to show how large their make Organs and Female Chest accoutrements are when adjusted for the incredible levels of Inflation.
    I am 40% Indian which we abbreviate as NDN, Lenia Lenape both Fisher Clan and Ancient Ones Clan. White often say Leni Lenape, NOPE we are Lenis Lenape Northern Lenape blended with Mohawks which are not Hurons like the Iroquois are. That dark haired guest has a very strong Eastern Woodland Indian. Most of us went west and mixed with the Plains Indians many of whom were from a bit further west than us.
    There is much to criticize the Central and the Governments for but the vast majority of our troubles have been cause by Agency aka Bureaucracy.
    Libertarianism has many Good Points but in the end is a very extremist view which if implemented would render us very vulnerable to the plethora of Countries, Terrorist's, Little Hitler's and Powerful Individuals who would destroy us and then be able to implement their World Takeover Plans. Just like when the Barbary Pirates were taking ships for their cargoes and US Citizens for Ransom. Think about it that is still happening in either the exact same forms or similar forms RIGHT NOW.
    The Best approach is indeed the US Constitution and if we were to go back to following that we would have far less problems. That is the Republican and Conservative Philosophy. Never believe the NeoCons and RINOs are Republican or Conservative. They are Leftists in Rightist Costumes. I say that as a Founding and Charter Member of the Republican National with who I am not Happy lately. The answer is not Libertarianism even though that could help get us back on track. A full Implementation of Libertarianism will have very much in Common with both Communism and Anarchy. Think about it without all the recent Hype and the BIASES AGAINST the Right. Tim is Extremely biased against Republicans and very much grounded in Leftist thought despite his recent very, convenient for raising $ turn to the Right he very often claims.
    No doubt the Military Industrial which includes Industrial Farming, an oxy moron to be sure, want War, But most do not want it at all. This includes most Field Officers and a majority of the Troops themselves. Take a look at the vax response from them.
    again PLEASE read the Constitution and research what I have said here. Avoid Leftist books. The textbooks published before the late 80's are for the most part quite accurate and adhere to the Education Rule of show no personal politics or biases.
    The dark Haired guest says many actual Facts but when he also sprinkles it with Leftist Lies and Misdirection a very much faulty understanding of our country will result.
    This is not his or any other young person fault. I'm 70 and can very plainly and clearly see what the Leftist/Socialists INCLUDING Bernie Sanders have been doing just as you all can see what the Education is doing to the very young today.
    The US is the finest and best influence for Good Worldwide that has ever existed despite the Greed and Corruption that always has and always will exist. The trick is to Control it. Which as anyone can see if they look without preconceived notions aka Prejudice/Bias has very successfully kept under control. Like ending Slavery, passing all the Amendments that gave Africans and Women power and for the most part are still keeping us Free.
    Tim cannot see this even though he somewhat supports Trump for the most part. The notion of 10 people on a farm is very much Communism and there is no such thing as a Leftist Libertarian. The Left is totally for Full Control and will actually kill millions if not billions to take their wealth and feed their greed. We know that Left Libertarians cannot exist when we understand what the Left is and stop attributing Rightist way to the Left. This is just another Cloak they have come up with to hide their real selves and trick the uneducated/unexperienced. As we see in this truly faulty Video.
    Be Well and Prosper! Think, Educate Yourself and Be Free. Do not listen to this Propaganda. If implemented it would cist enormous and impossible sums of money as we can see with our existing 'Help' Programs. it is 80% of almost all governments budgets ranging from the Local to the National and everything in between. I am very sorry to say it seems Tim and his on URL live under rocks in desolate wildernesses. Greed and Corruption will always exist and those sorts of Governments do Nothing but advance those aspects of a small percentage of Humans. But they make that small percentage.
    We are not involved in Somalia or Yemen. They would kill any of our Troops is we were then go back to Warlords and Muslim Factions fighting among themselves.
    To be fair Tim Cast and Tim Pool are way better the his URL dreck.

  5. Actually not much has changed. The Socialist's/Communists/Totalitarian/ Those who would make us slaves and rule us all are still trying to Take The Prize, the US, over. Cars still cost about a low to middle income for a year. Houses still cost about 10 times a low to middle income for a year. the very Rich are thousands to Millions of times a low to middle income for a year. Education gas changed. Young people having no clue is still with us. Watch the move Midnight In Paris to see that it has existed a very long time. Politicians are most definitely still not gifted or talented or even capable. Comedians similar to George Carlin or the Original Saturday Night Live are still popular with mostly the 40 or so and under crowd. Food does cost a larger percentage of income as does rent.
    By the Way Thomas Jefferson was not a Great Man. He had his Vice President Murder a Great man though. His name was Alexander Hamilton.
    Interesting too is the BS the the Republican Party is hated by half the country. They are growing while the Left is declining. Tim supports Leftists, pay attention. Part of why his views are mostly less than a quarter. 1/4th. of his subscription base. That is a very low number for someone with his "sub" numbers
    Many who can think for themselves are having problems with Tim. Read the comments way down that have been hidden. These are in the top and middle but 100% for sure BoobTube loves Timmy!
    Steve Bannon? The guy Trump dumped right away and has a very ,ow rate of prediction success. Actually Tim's Predictions almost never come true. Pay Attention and do not get distracted by the very shiny but recycled Failed Ideas we see in so many videos'. Once in a great while Tim hits a home run for sure.
    The Leftist who claims to be a Republican aka RINO Lind say anything Graham came on Right after Tim stopped. YouTube is not as terrible as many say. They could and should improve but putting that Liar on right after the Tim Pool IRL Propaganda Show is just Exquisitely Perfect!

  6. If you listen to this Propaganda Idiocy and Vote Leftist Liberal or Liberal or Democratic Socialist or whatever they call themselves today all you will do is take away from the Right Side Vote and empower the Cheating and Democrats. And if you pay attention the Far left will come up with a different name soon and trick more young and low information Voters into thinking it's not them but something new and shiny and different. Nope same old totalitarians saying the exact same old stuff but wrapping a different Blanket aka Wrapper around them. Kind of like industrial candy doe. Made from Chemicals claiming to be not only good for you but solving any problem you have.
    It really seems that besides getting money fro all of you this propaganda is his real goal.

  7. Obama used racism, which was disappearing as a problem, as a platform to divide and use to control through fear and guilt. His constant
    stress on untrue propaganda and false statistics built distrust and a victimhood mentality which has caused untold damage.

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