Timcast IRL – Jack Posobiec And Lauren Chen IN STUDIO, Election Preview And Predictions

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  1. Jack that is your mistake, you do have it in you. Everyone does. Everyone has evil inside them. Tim is right, it will be regular progressives that have been worked up to the point where they will fight when any spark occurs.

  2. "Most common name for biden supporter is karen…most common name for trump supporters is richard"

    You couldn't write something so perfect, Karen's vs dicks.

  3. I guess
    Trump 55%
    Biden 40%
    Other 5%
    Hard to believe the American people are so crazy, 40% for Biden sounds high but how wrong can the polls be?
    What do you think?

  4. " A man who does not discipline his children hates his children". We all want to be fun-time dad, but that is not our role. I spanked my kids when debate was either dangerous at that moment or the environment was public and debate was inappropriate. When they calmed down we would have a conversation and all questions were answered. I never had to give them a swat on the rear past age 5. They are in college now and are disgusted by the spoiled grown children in college who have bad manners and no respect for authority. To clarify, a spanking, not a beating, is sometimes appropriate.

  5. FFS…Sam Harris is NOT a smart person. He is a vapid intellectual who has no deep thought or understanding. Even his New Atheist schtick is a teenager's level of religious strawmanning.
    Stop making excuses for him all the time, by following every criticism of him with "Oh, but he's such a smart person…".

  6. The government is there for our protection from enemies foreign and domestic and to ensure that our constitution is not being violated. When big tech outright bans people based on political views or association or because of the speech that they use it is a violation of the constitution just because they are a private company doesnt give them the right to do these things and violate our rights so the government in this particular case should be able to get involved

  7. 1:35:50 Way back in the 20th century (the 90s, it just sounds funny to say it that way) my brother and I used to get whipped with a leather belt or had to brush our mouths out with soap when we acted up. I remember starting to carry a wallet in my back pocket long before ever having a use for it just to pad any unexpected butt whippings. We deserved it though, we were always out raising hell in the neighborhood, I guess kids now-a-days kids just sit inside and, I don't know, have anxiety attacks to pass the time.