Timcast IRL – Lawyers Asks Jury To DESTROY Alex Jones Company, Jones Ordered To Pay 45M w/Tucker Max

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  1. if you lined up all the outspoken holocaust deniers around the world they would all be in for a lot of monetary damages from millions of people according to the rule being set by the Alex Jones case , Isn't this just an attack on free speech , you may not agree find it stupid but its just his opinion it doesn't change anything , there is so much fake news out there how is a broadcaster meant to distinguish what's fact and could be a set up or cover up

  2. all officials in positions of authority who are violating our 1st amendment rights have NO AUTHORITY and should be tried as traitors to the constitution aka traitors to our country.

  3. Tucker has certainly matured, but he was pretty defensive when Hannah called him a pickup artist…kind of shows he hasn’t really “owned up” to the evil and trauma he’s caused others, specifically women, in his earlier years. The guy really needs to publicly apologize and renounce all that behavior, not get defensive and hide behind a “distant parent” victim narrative.

  4. I understand Tim has to cover all angles and try to be "objective" as a news commentary person, but I thought it was kinda fucked up that he's just laying all the ways out there that Alex may have his money put away. I'm sure the lawyers have obviously thought about this as well and are looking into AJ's various dealing, but don't fan the flames even more just to stretch out your show a few minutes longer if you're gonna say that the trial was unfair and compromised in the first place.

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  6. was he really wrong about what he said?
    given the persecution he is facing?

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people (politicians, media figures, actors, actresses, etc) said stupid shit about private citizens and got away with it. Given the viciousness of the attacks, it makes you wonder if maybe, there was actually more to the story

  7. Mistrial. Period. With Jones' attorney "accidentally" leaking texts and emails was obviously intentional. Whether he wants out, being associated with the crazy gay frog alien man, or he despises Jones for denying that the S. Hook attacks happened, that the families are lying.
    Either way, it is a mistrial.

  8. I wonder, couldn't be the mistreatment by the judge, especially all the things AJ is barred from bringing up for his defense and the lawyer's statement "destroy his company" be grounds for mistrial?

  9. Regarding those 4th turning cycles.
    Yesterday I discovered teh channel Pilgrim Pass.
    And in his almost 1h long video about AOT, he made a lot of comparisons with the real world history and how the cycle of life is also the cycle of violence and conflict is also the cycle of slavery.
    And in one segment he mentioned that the Pax Americana is over.
    Maybe Tim could need such a guy in his team or try to get an interview with him, though I think he does not live in the US.

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