Timcast IRL – Pfizer Email Leak Shows Fetal Cells Used To Make Vaccine w/Shane Hazel & James O’Keefe

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  1. My friend who was mad at me for not getting vaccinated said, “it’s not about you it’s about other people and if everyone got vaccinated we can go back to regular life.” She’s a nurse. Is that true? Honest answers only please.

  2. I’m not even Thst old and I remember living in a time where politicians who lied and did shady shit would run from journalists. It disgusts me how all mainstream media are just excuse makers for awful tyrannical behavior. If corrupt politicians don’t fear you as a journalist then you aren’t doing your job right. Veritas is literally one of the last investigative journalists left here in the states.

  3. No mandates for anything ever…if it's good we'll do it if it is harmful or useless we won't. Best way is open honest discussion with all the information on the table.
    Although I'm a Christian I hate the term ''religious exemption'' because the objection is for most on moral grounds. You don't have to be religious not to want porcine gelatin injected or dead children being used… there's atheists that are Kosher eaters for health reasons or vegetarian and pro life.

  4. If anyone is trying to force me into doing something, I already know it's not because it's good for me, likely the reverse, that they can't or won't reason, they are automatically assigned to the ''hostile intent'' category and will be met with resistance.

  5. Your guests need to learn how to be guests- and you need to learn how to allow other people to take the spotlight. This podcast is like watching children fight for attention on a playground.

  6. There are probably only a few good FBI people. Most have quit or retired.
    This was one of the best group discussions I’ve seen. The fact that you have a variety of people with political views make the discussion all the richer.

    I have the highest regard for James. You all hit on the whole fear thing. As a Christian, I have no fear. I’m 59 and that might have something to do with it. After living that many years and knowing God’s promises to me and those who follow Him, I have no problem dying on this hill. I know where I’ll be for eternity.
    Part of running the race is that I can run full out and fear no evil.
    God be with you, James. May He bless and keep you.

  7. 1:30:17 This!!! This was my life in 2016 living in Oakland as a gender queer. Pushing myself to be so outside the box so no one gets me. Every rap song I was terrified they were going to say fa**ot, every straight guy I was terrified of. People would say, "Watch out for Max, he's sensitive" and I would explode! Then one day, I decided no more. Why do I let someone else's words control my happy day! It is also when I started listening to the enemy, conservatives and realized they made a lot of sense and they respected me. Now, I get more hate from the LGBT lefties and nothing but love from conservatives. I love telling that to gay San Francisco liberals (I live in silicon valley)

  8. The Young Turks were the perpetrators of the Armenian Gencid, which occurred during the Young Turk Revolution of 1909. Even President Joe Biden has publicly recognized that this "revolution" was in fact a gencid where hundreds of thousands of innocent Armenians and other Balkan people, including my Albanian ancestors, were mercilessly slaughtered by The Young Turks. Cenk continuing to proudly name his news organization after such a horrific event in history is a prime example of double standard of the left. It exposes the falsehood of "white privilege" and highlights the atrocities and setbacks experienced by all cultures throughout the world in recent centuries.

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