Timcast IRL – Trucks DUMP Shipping Containers In The Street Amid Supply Chain Crisis w/JoeyBToonz

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Guest: Joey B Toonz
@joeybtoonz (Twitter, YouTube)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Weird how they all pretend like the arent completely aware and thoroughly informed on the subject of Kamala and the nasa thing, child actors, and bidens sound stage. About 16min in.

  2. 1:54:37 – NO, Tim, they did NOT "steal" from you. Stealing implies someone taking property from you, ending in that property no longer being in your possession. "Piracy" may not be legal, or even moral, but simultaneously, its also not stealing. Laws need to be updated to reflect the digital landscape we now live in.

    Also, aside from any of the above – someone causing you (after proving that to even be the case) to "possibly" miss out on POTENTIAL profits is also NOT theft.

  3. Georgia Ports Authority is already accepting more ships for unloading/loading. From what I understand, some of those additional ships were redirected from the west coast.
    The truckers are happy with the additional business here in Georgia and South Carolina.

  4. Tim… Ian you’re wrong!
    Ian… I built a social media company and you’re wrong and I’m right!
    Tim… well you’re just falling into the orange man bad narrative.
    Tim is truly becoming a joke

  5. You can accuse me of connecting dots that aren't there and I'll agree because I am I don't have anything in the way of hard facts about trump, but I'm telling you I am absolutely convinced that he is at least heavily involved everything that's going on and he's just chilling for the Democrats there is no life there is no right they're all in on it together and laughing at us behind closed doors.

  6. Joey gets the culture aspect of society. Pulls trends out of the social media sphere and really puts it in perspective of how it looks in the physical world. He points out how trends distract and uses people's need for attention to prevent things from actually happening. When the culture is obsessed with becoming the next influencer, until you break that spell, people will not really care about politics. I think Joey is onto something when he showcases the absurd narcissistic attitudes people have for social media clout when he compares it and comments on things that actually leave an impression on the world. I think his content is important because instead of making it cool to participate in the next trend, he makes it cool to stop being sucked into our own vanity and to not look at these trends as something your life should be filled by, rather get fulfillment from something that is useful and not just absurd and passive.

  7. Pre puberty viewing adult intimacy, even kissing gets a shuddering reaction of disgust.
    a few short years later this same action is viewed with rapt interest!
    adult behavior viewed to early in life can definately plant a strong preconcieved notion of disgust then can linger for a lifetime… coloring all interaction socially with a faint veeling of original disgust! Most can overcome this with bodily changes and social awareness.. Some cannot! Those are the ones being harmed will into adulthood! wounded and harmed with an unhealable injury!

  8. your chicken sewer system is identical to what large dairy farms do with their endless wet cow manure production.. then special trucks arrive several time a year to pump million gallon tanks out for spraying on dormant fields.

  9. perfect reference is "Just a few acres Farm". follow this high intelligent couple tech grained, began small farm on 65 acres. Chicken tractors. Dexter cattle, Polend china hogs. Educated land management with successful results… facinating layering!

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