Timcast IRL – Trump Airlifted To The Hospital As COVID Symptoms Worsen, DontWalkRun Joins

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  1. No bats were sold at the Wet Market in China, actually! We found that out much later. We also know that Patient 0 worked at the Wuhan lab that was studying coronavirus in bats (couldn't find confirmation from a reputable source, so maybe we don't know that part). And there is much more evidence that we aren't being told, not for public consumption lest China find our sources, that the origin was the Wuhan lab (though not necessarily a virus created by China, mind!). Almost all intelligence agencies agree that the most likely source was the Wuhan lab studying coronavirus in bats.

  2. 33:00 The black and blue dress thing was not because of different screens. It was a biological thing.
    I looked at the same photo on the same screen and it was white and black/gold at first, and then changed to black and blue once people said it had blue in it.
    It never went back to looking like it did the first time I saw it. All the photos are now black/gold with pale blue.
    It's perception under control of the brain. The whole experience shook up my view of reality. I did not see the blue until people said it was there, and now I can't unsee it.

  3. Hmm, I don't think that the color or Yanni/Laurel thing is necessarily true, though it could be partially true. I've seen gray/green and pink/white on the shoes on the same device at nearly the same time. I'll look and then read comments and then look again and see the other combination.

  4. How about you start a popculture rubric in the Podcast. Like one Topic like Star Wars (1-6) or Anime (Dragonball, Naruto,….). I feel like too many politics is a Bit repetitive

  5. Tim,
    You should watch Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman… parent meeting part where Joe Clark goes into a sermon and he tells the crowd… "HE did not tell me to be polite!"

  6. Glad to see Tim have Don't Run Walk on his podcast!

    …now if Tim will have John Ward and John John on, THAT'D MAKE MY YEAR!!

  7. Wet markets are evil. You guys really missed that they eat animals live at wet markets. I saw a beautiful big dog deep fried alive. I want to go in there with a flamethrower.

  8. The reason the results tend to be close to 50-50 is that you only need 50%+ to win. Controlling people through media is expensive and you don't want to spend more than you have to. This just illustrates how stupid the idea of democracy is. It's a game designed to empower the most effective liars and sociopaths.

  9. My live in gf truly believes every nasty thing the media says about Trump. And she is all in for the Dems. And when I try to show her anything proving the damage they've done to the country, or the rioting, she refuses to even look at it.
    If the Democrats take over, I really believe this channel and all other conservative or disagreeing voices will all be silenced. Scary.

  10. Around the 2:05 mark… I live in California… I haven't voted since 2004 because I felt like my vote didn't matter. I still doubt this state will flip; however, because Trump lost the popular vote last election, that's why I'm voting in this election. I'm hoping he'll win both the electoral and popular vote so the Democrats will shut up. It's a big f**k you to the entire left wing media and the crony establishment.