Timcast IRL – US CONFIRMS BioLabs In Ukraine, Fear Russian Could Seize Them w/Greg Price

Guest: Greg Price
@Greg_Price11 (Twitter)

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  1. Uh… there are plenty of real humans on the QAnon Quckolding sectarian insulated networks which wholly support and advocate for Putin and are very real and very American… Live on video, on the record…
    Lol, don't be so isolated guys! And I've seen street interviews with normal humans, not broadcasting or with their own Quckolding Qacolytes, who espouse the Putin Advocacy and fully support the dude…
    …saw 1 Qwoman say she would join up with Putin if he came to the US @"Demons Satans Commies Pedos Transhumans Evil" – just off the street at a protest or rally or something within the last week or so.
    I know that's not the general sentiment, but there are plenty of non-politician American Qucks(Q acolytes and those who heretically worship at the Qock of Q and His 10 Divine Heretical Anons) who are full blown Putin Simps – but… that is a general through line for the Qrowd tho, so it's essentially old-hat.
    This is not an exaggeration or talking out of my ass… there are a litany of Qreachers who proselytize Putin is working with Trump, Dong, Xi, and Assad, to oust the DeepState and thus Putin and Xi could not even be conceived of to do wrong…. ever….
    Go listen to Scott McKay – Patriot StreetFighter "Tipping Point" radio show
    Michael Jaco
    Juan O Savin
    Mel K
    Charlie Hoax Ward
    SIMON parks
    Nicholas Vienamin
    Tarot By Janine
    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc….

  2. Higher gas and oil prices in US as a global player will also impact global prices, so Russia will also get more per barrel from country's who trade with them, isnt it actually benefiting them meanwhile hurting us
    Funniest thing is as if ukrain has the world wide monopoly on bio labs, Russia has its own, if it wanna take controll of a bio lab of a 2cnd world country its not for research its for intervention

  3. So basically we will allow Russia to have a pipeline and get healthy and close our pipeline and feed kill us with McDonald’s. Yeah America first right? LETS GO BRANDON

  4. Putin is not only cleaning up the bioweapon industry in Ukraine, he's also wiping out the child and adult trafficking industry. If your 12 yr old daughter was being held and auctioned off there, would you still care what he does to save your child? I think not!

  5. What is a bioweapon of the plague vs a sample of the plague used for legitimate research? That is the inherent problem with this discussion, researching and understanding the most deadly diseases around us is duel use technology. It can be a weapon or a tool to make the world a better place, its entirely up to the intent of the user. I doubt these are bioweapon specific research/production facilities, why put your super weapon research next to your enemies border in a nation full of spies for Russia? The obvious truth is these are normal research facilities and if the US is researching/producing bioweapons its happening in some military facility in the US or one of its more loyal allies. I

  6. So, multimillionaire Colbert tells poverty stricken people that their couple of bucks will clean their conscience. Sickening.

  7. Stephen Colbert during the Colbert Report played a Over the Top Republican. Now he is doing the Same thing in Reverse. Now he is playing a Over the top Democrat. The Real Funny Thing is Nobody Noticed.

  8. I want to see Ian get as obsessed with algae tech as he is with graphene. Carbon neutral diesel production if costs can be brought down, but the b complex vitamins that fish oil is famous for comes from the algae those fish eat. There are tons of applications in nutraceuticals, animal feed, plastics, and more. Some species of prokaryotic algae can double in population in a day, making production very fast, given that you can bubble enough atmosphere through the tanks.

  9. Why won't they disclose what's in these biolabs? I understand the natsec implications but why on god's green earth would you put anything meaningful like that in a place that Russia JUST tried to invade? Why such a public crisis and struggle? It sounds like there was no contingency plan in place for things like these… 99% of the time these things go on quietly in the night away from prying eyes. Lots of questions arising from this that make me very weary… I don't trust either faction.

  10. The turbo button on older computers actually underclocked the cpu so you could play games and applications that were designed to be clocked to the processor (basically pre 33Mhz processor software)

  11. Bio Labs belonged to America. Just another reason Russia invaded.
    BTW, Corrupt US actors don't want deescalation, rather they want escalation. They knew Nato being in Ukraine wouldn't work well.

  12. Its so infuriating when Ian just makes blatantly false statements, like constantly, and sometimes he will get push back or corrected, but around 1:16:001:25:00 he's made three concreate verifiably just wrong statements and made them as facts. this is the biggest issue with the show and I feel like the real reason alot of people don't like Ian

  13. Many of the bioweapon labs are under Nuke plants, word is US DOD has biovirus that target specific ethic groups Putin believed they DS were going to target Slavic people……because Putin kicked out the Central Banks

  14. It's past time the people in control of where to spend our tax dollars ARE FIRED!!! Funding bio labs across the world is NOT HOW TO SPEND MY TAX DOLLARS!

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