Timcast IRL – Ye, Fuentes, Milo Join To Discuss Trump Dinner And Ye24

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  1. Kanye was not that interesting to listen too. He never finished any of his thoughts. It was good to hear from him a bit but Kanye wanted to blab and vent and not go back and forward.

  2. Tim is the most arrogant, cocky, self-obsessed individual that doesnt have a humble bone in his body. He has literally never once conceded to an arguement because he cant possibly ever see himself being wrong. His opinion is the correct opinion…and thats that. Which is ironic considering his entire persona has morphed from his persona 5 years ago…changing many of his opinions while somehow never admitting he was wrong. Its tough to listen to.

  3. I voted for Ye last time, and I'll do it again!! He is the only one that can come out with the truth and face it head on!! He will be a national hero one day, write it down!!

  4. Did u guys really think Tim “YT is gonna shut us down” Pool would allow a guest to discuss the elephant in the room? Hahahahah Tim you’re just as bad as mainstream news

  5. Milo and Nick are leeches orbiting Ye
    Ye wants to run for the highest office and can't handle debates – at this point I'm growing tired of Ye's inability to have a conversation about his generalizations

  6. Guess what guys. You COULD have talked about all of those topics with him if you simply SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP! 🤦🤦‍♂️😂 Man, you're both such pathetic cucks. The people know what he meant, and honestly more people know more than you think. It's awesome to watch your show finally begin to really sink 😉🐲🐉🔥🔥🔥😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Also, props to Tim for admitting he himself isn't exempt from limelight-induced narcissism. His knee-jerk "it isn't" moment in this video when talking about Jews specifically getting Ye cancelled, displayed it. I'm glad he had a nice instance of introspection in the wake of this.

  8. Tim is so engrossed in being beyond the bubble he lives in, he doesnt see he’s no longer in the reality of others. He lives in the pipe dream we all want to be in but doesnt exist so he can no longer relate. He doesnt know he messed this up but subconsciously knows as he spends the rest of the show justifying he did t do anything……except be holier than thou in a viewpoint people don't live in. Shame.

  9. guy who was worth bullions, complained about oppressions.. and people actually listening to that? How can i get that oppressed?

    You honestly surprised that German company dropped you, after your comments about jews? perhaps you should read a book or two..

  10. It's time to finally unsubscribe from Tim "the fence sitter" cast. I wonder how many others have done so and will do so after seeing this gaslighting abomination of an interview.

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