Timcast Join Forces With RUMBLE In Epic Refutation Of Big Tech Payment Processes, Platforms

Guest: Ashley St Clair
@StClairAshley (Twitter)

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  1. You guys did terrible research on this one. David Hahn was trying to build a breeder reactor, not a death ray. He never worked for the FBI, but he did join the US Navy and served on the USS Enterprise, but he had medical problems from handling the materials and received a medical discharge.

  2. Just sub'd to both rumble channels. Some of the commenters there (far right) are out of there minds, but there are a lot of crackpots here too, leftist crackpots. I just need to get into the habit of going to Rumble daily, and hope that platform grows.

  3. Its actually cool that you have some "backup" stuff in the works just incase something happens…….I would personally be pretty vague about it tho because you know there are people watching every second of your streams trying to get an early head start on trying to ruin your new ideas…..Just a thought.

  4. "Where were your parents!?"
    LOL! I laughed really hard. That sounds like Nile Red. He's a famous youtube quasi-chemist and he used to do the exact same weird shit in his parents garage. And one episode, he interviewed his parents and asked why they let him do it, and they said "well, we were being encouraging. If you were into the guitar and wanted to play guitar in the garage, we'd let you do that, but you're not. You're a science nerd, so."

  5. My advice to Elon is take Twitter off of big techs servers and payment processors. Like a wise man once said "If you have a platform and its on Big Techs servers and payment processors youre just a subsidiary of big tech".

  6. Government interference is a problem and conservatives and liberals both call for it.

    Time to start realising the truth and secure our individual rights from both of these fascist groups. Both love big business in bed with government.

  7. I know that Ian is always the dumbest person in the room, but tonight he proved to me that he is also delusional. Hey Ian, there is NO cloud, there is NO distributed net. There is just your data on someone else's devices. Moron.

  8. How will you stop them from coming after your ISP? Without Internet Access how will you communicate? That's the next thing they will come after. Just wait and see.

  9. Rejecting big tech by moving to another big tech platform ?

    Rejecting big tech would be purchasing your own rack space and hosting and managing your servers yourself.

    Im all for using rumble, and their cloud services look great. But your claim is hypocritical.

  10. You mean PayPal is stealing people's money and getting away with it they're committing grand theft larceny whatever you want to call it and no just a stupid Justice department is holding them liable for that crime?

  11. Maybe after Elon buys Twitter maybe he should buy back PayPal
    And get his baby back
    The radioactive boy scout he was a he admired to become a nuclear physicist but he come from a low-class family and he did it all in his pair of shed and he went down like watches and radio or a fire detectors and then the FBI busted them that happened like 2001

  12. just make sur eyou back up all your vids on your own server. bc if the winds change at rumble, for whatever reason, you dont want to lose all your hard work. never trust anyone.

  13. Paypal is utter trash, getting rid of it was the best move i ever made.
    Paypal pretends to protect people and make the process easier.. but they protect no one, and causes endless problems. Using a regular processor made life 1000% times better. Screw Paypal, its a borderline scam service.

    Even for the most basic user. Sold ur old phone? Paypal will keep that money for 6 months.

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