TimcastIRL – White House On LOCKDOWN, Rioters Have SMASHED UP CNN Main HQ!!!!

Full episode of tonight’s podcast up live asap due to the serious nature of what is happening in our country

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  1. It’s from USSR and CCP they are communist after all that is said and done, a USSR propagandist said that the disillusionment of the populace through fake education, it started way back in the Universities, the damage has been done and to undo it will take a generation at least.

  2. Those charges need to be prosecuted. Very few officers charged end up actually facing the consequences with charges being dropped or excessively reduced once the case has gone through the courts.

  3. This is why they make movies like the purge and all these virus movies when it isn't even a giant demand for them. They are crested to program into out minds and desensatize to the concepts when they happen in real life.

  4. The left is toxic. They frame everything in historic context.
    "When the looting starts, the shooting starts".
    That is not high poetry, it's a simple rhyme and Trump is already know to like jingoism. The left is forcing this narrative that he has a large list of rayceesms that he has on hand or memorised to dogwhistle.
    You know what lefties, you've been dog-whistling forever, you hate white people, you want to demonise them, and we can see this, that even when acknowledging the misdeeds against minorities in the past, you will never acknowledge that authority has had a boot on our throats too, that white people can suffer or are basically just human beings.

  5. Goodbye. You apparently don't understand how racist dog whistles work. I love that there is a lack of censorship. We see where you are white nationalists. You defended a reference of a saying of someone who supported these actions.

  6. What happens if every sane person in the country goes on Twitter and Tweets “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Will Twitter eliminators tens of thousands of people?

  7. I have the same thing about feeling like it will all fall apart by the time I'm 35. It's weird. I think a lot of people have that in the back of their minds.

  8. It has to do with floyd because the establishment is burning up the oppressed like dry leaves and wiping their ass with our social contract. The media and every other part of the establishment is and has actively been holding the minorities in this country down and silencing them. Now, today they are choosing to silence them and us further by using bayonets on us citizens that will be stripped of their humanity even further

  9. CNN's totally supported these riots and looting so it should show people that are on the side of antifa etc and the progressives that they will come after you at some point, so you might want to get out of it now

  10. If I ever heard the songs from the end somewhere without the visuals I wouldn't have guessed it's those two. And even seeing Tim sing it seems super weird. It's exacerbated even more by the fact, that English is not my native tongue, and whilst I have no trouble understanding everything said in the video (I just switch to "understanding" in English), when singing starts, my brain switches to trying to translate it back to Polish instead of "understanding" in English. Weird.

  11. This shit would end if the state government stepped up instead of stepping aside
    It’s their job to protect and serve the people of the community not to allow
    Radical leftists to destroy private property

  12. For some reason Twitter believe they are untouchable.. They will soon find out they are not. The world got along before Twitter & the world will get along when it's gone.. Which will be soon.

  13. It's June 3 Springfield Ma I'm in a homeless shelter the police station is next door they are on full allert and the army has locked down the streets the have started to fire large fireworks at the police station there are multiple explosions in all directions. We are waiting for the rioting to begin.

  14. If I'M the CEO of CNN, I would stage an attack on MY building…just to divert and misdirect CNN critics, saying, "LOOK! We are victims TOO!!"

  15. Next time theres riots people will probably drop pipe bombs into their crowds and walk away or drone drop it in, remote control car it in, boom. Homemade rockets and napalm, zip guns, real guns