Time for Some Answers

Did the NSW police create a Strike Force against friendlyjordies?
Did the NSW Police run surveillance against friendlyjordies?
Were Kristo’s criminal charges used as bargaining chips in the civil action Barilaro brought against Jordan?
Who signed off on the NSW police force’s targeting of friendlyjordies?

All questions soon to be answered thanks to a call for papers by Justin Field MLC.

Justin Field MLC:

Recorded from a webcast of NSW Parliament, Legislative Council, 23/3/22

Written by friendlyjordies


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  1. I’m pleased to see this episode being scrutinised. It appeared to be a misuse of the parliamentary system, and a poor example of police execution of their powers. It has brought Australia into international disrepute. I hope Kristo’s family and colleagues feel a sense of comfort, and that this scrutiny results in better police behaviour, and a better calibre of politicians.

  2. It’s good to see some justice being upheld here. To watch the ‘arrest’ clip again now, and to see how smug that grub was, when he stormed their home, and what he’s been reduced too now, is so satisfying.

  3. The fact that Bruhz and the useful idiots in the police aren't held accountable and sent to prison speaks volumes about the systemic corruption in Australia.
    A nation of laws just revealed it self as a nation of swamp creatures.

  4. A strike force to deal with a comedic critic. Yet Australians still think we live in a free and fair society, well most of the time. Every now and then uncle rupee instils some irrational fear.

  5. mate there is no just outcomes as far as i can tell.shanks has pointed out so much sheer corruption that some of it may well have bought about real change 30 years ago..not now ..there is very little a change of government would do or be able to do too bring about real reform..the cancer has taken a hold,,imagination boggles at whats not being found.. i guess thats what you get when you let governments of both sides slowly erode the rights of the common aussie too the point where were there not even in with a shot of fair unbiased justice,,unless your part of the club were not invited too,,if i could make 5 changes it would be getting rid of councils and outlawing lobbyist .media ownership restrictions and tax reforms..and very short terms for people in power that impact our lives from the high court down . humans cant be trusted with power over there fellow man for very long,,and bring back hanging..

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