Time-Lapse – Hundreds of Thousands March Again in Melbourne. 27.11.2021

A time-lapse of hundreds and thousands of Victorians in the Melbourne CBD on 27.11.21.
It was windy at some points and tricky to hold a camera still for such a long time. Sped up x 8. More to come.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Great to see people about but in the end it probably won’t change anything. This tyranny has been decades in the planning, they would have accounted for some traffic disruption

  2. Stand strong Victorians, hold the line against the tyranny of the vaccine mandates. So proud of you from all around the world! This has become a worldwide movement that the mainstream news media will not report, as they are controlled by the Big Pharmas and their co-conspirators.

  3. Dan right now is rubbing his hands together knowing the new BS variant has now hit our shores and he just might get his bill through.
    If you are vaccinated you need to get vaccinated again because you are unvaccinated for the new variant

  4. So uplifting to see. I think we should thank Dictator Dan and his dickhead mates for getting so many of us pissed off enough to get off our bums and demand, not just a return to normal but much much more,. We have been dealt corrupt second rate government and manipulated by corrupt biased media for far too long. We, our children and their children deserve so much better than what’s been dished out for decades. Well done Victorian protestors, proud of every one of you.

  5. PROUD OF YOU AUSTRALIA !!! our croud grew in melbourne this week must be pushing up to 1 million in the coming weeks – half way there – Sydney Queensland S.A and W.A standing strong with huge crouds too – FORGET ENDING MANDATES NOW WHERE COMING FOR THEIR JOBS/SEATS IN PARLIMENT = TOTAL VICTORY

  6. Thank you to True Arrow for your great footage you are a Hero of The True News, I think when Riccardo Bosi takes over we should hire you to take over the Fake News 9,7,10, abc and all the rest of the shit heads that lie about the numbers that showed up in Melbourne….God bless you all

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