Time to leave the Northern Territory: Michael Gunner

We were promised new freedoms once the country was 90% double jabbed. That now appears to be yet another broken promise. When will people realise that these maniacal politicians just love the media attention and the power they weild. Welcome to Michael Gunner’s socialist republic of the N.T.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. People in remote parts of the Northern Territory often have to travel hundreds of kilometres for food and supplies. The new 30km travel limit is designed to starve people out, particularly indigenous Australians, who do not want the clot shot. The 30km travel limit must be lifted immediately. All concerned need to make a formal complaint to the NT Ombudsman's office.

  2. Only a highly advanced form of media-controlled dystopia can save
    us all from a mutating rogue Chinese bat virus pandemic everyone 🙂

    This is it, we're totally off-the-rails, if anyone happens to see any
    form of reality while you're out and about getting your one hour of
    lawful exercise, tell her that her services are no longer required 😞

  3. What he is saying is so wrong. It is wrong, from their own parroted propaganda….They have told the Public before that the unvaccinated would get a LOT sicker after infection and have a greater chance of dying! Doesn't that mean you would more easily detect them being ill? Those who have been A-symptomatic and spread the virus WERE the vaccinated!!! By there own words, what he has said is a FALSEHOOD.

  4. Someone up there, and I mean some local person with TESTICLES, needs to arrest this idiot excuse of a man for contempt, misappropriation, rape, apartheid, and 'ailing' (corrupt from the outset).
    Pity I do not live in NT….this guy would be in bloody prison right NOW!!!
    Somebody up there PLEASE witness this travesty of justice to ALL Australians, and take this idiot down….PLEASE!!!!

  5. I think there is a competition to see which "leader" can inflict the most pain on the people they are supposed to serve. The bed wetters love this "tough" talk.

  6. He did say all "Unvaccinated " and all "Not Fully Vaccinated !!! " are to be Lockdown . 🤔 …. Im sure the N.T. "Cocaine Sex Scandal" will catch up to this guy and all the other Politicians involved 🤞🤞 asap …

  7. Bloody hell. I saw it and heard it. If your not jabbed you're in lock down. My mind is in disbelief. This Michael Gunner is a definite megalomaniac – a lunatic. Did he go on a junket to China and have girls or boys delivered to his room while the CCP filmed everything? Is he being blackmailed by them, along with being blackmailed by the Great Reset Globalists puppeteers to enslave people in the NT? Where's our national leaders on this. He SCOMO, you thug, how about you stand up for Australians.

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