Timothy Thibaults Departure from the FBI and What it Means

The Hunter Biden case plot thickens:

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  1. if investigating the hunter biden laptop would influence the election, then choosing to bury the story is also choosing to influence the election because elections are a zero-sum game, you win the seat or someone else does; it's just influencing the election in the opposite direction by making a choice, choosing not to do your job is still making a choice.

  2. I have such respect for you especially when you called it early over Covid. No one else, not even the gov was putting it all out there and connecting the dots of what was going to happen – like stocking up on goods – you called man.

  3. It is a huge Pecan Pie and we don't know how to go about this because it is so rich and tasty. The only one leaking the secret documents are the FBI leaks to the media. Why are they taking the letter Obama wrote to Trump on inauguration day? Give the letter back so it can be framed and put on the wall above the fireplace.

  4. The FBI (and CIA, for that matter) must be destroyed and pulled up, roots and all. 911 the Hoover Building (and Langley), FIRE EVERYONE, and then we can talk about whether or not we should create new versions.

  5. Styx…. TEE-bo. Or, in the Quebecois version, you kind of fudge the emphasis so neither syllable sounds very stressed, but maybe the second syllable a tad more, but it's hard to tell for sure: Tee-bo.

  6. Are we still doing scandals? To me scandals are for legitimate countries and legitimate governments, not banana republics. The US gov has been continuously scandalous since at the very least 1963. Watergate was never a big scandal. It was just part of the general ambiance of DC, and most definitely not a biggie. It was marketed at Americans as a scandal though, and that is why they still believe it is a scandal. It's not. it's the norm. Crime and scandals are everywhere. Reach out your FBI reptile claw in any direction and ye shall find it.
    This is the big problem with MAGA. They are philistine rubes who don't understand the intricacies of DC. Therefore they ooh and aah over all the scandals they find, not realizing that you're not supposed to talk about them. They're just there and sometimes they can be useful for removing certain people if they become a problem, like Nixon. You investigate and trumpet not because you are outraged, huffy and indignant, but because you want to get rid of someone pesky. Yet here the MAGA chimps are going "Look, I found more water in the ocean!" Shut the f*ck up Marge. I swear it's like being on the beach with a two-year old! Can't you see daddy has started reading Karamasov for the fourteenth time. Go eat a crab or something like a normal child"

    For the record, I wish it wasn't like this. But it is, always has been, always will be.

  7. This corruption has been going on nonstop for 6 years. When the Mar-a-Lago raid fails to bring Trump down, you know the corrupt FBI, DOJ, Democratic party, and the liberal media already have the next attack against Trump and his supporters cued up and ready to go. It's almost like they want to trigger an actual insurrection versus the the silly riot at the Capitol on Jan 6.

  8. JFC… I wish you’d research AE911truth. Placing CN blackmail over the Executive Branch as more significant than an Executive Branch who mass murdered their own citizens is def debatable.

  9. Inflated egos must be a negative consequence of being a YouTuber. It's fairly obvious the FBI is biased against the right. If it took an agent being "fired" for their biases in favor of the Democrats to expose you to the obvious, you're extremely late to the party. No other content creators mentioned it because it's been well known for years. You're not a step ahead of anyone by mentioning it, you're a multitude of steps behind.

  10. The reason most people don't talk about it is because until now it has been a pathology.
    Not seen as real. Now it's unavoidable.
    Watching the pundits abandon Trump for Disantes, now saying Trump wasn't that great.
    The shit is getting real and it's not going away.
    We need Trump.

  11. What you failed to identify was the looming rash of departures from the fubar agency because agents who will have parted ways from the agency cannot be compelled to testify on cases they were involved with in the past or of late.

  12. We live in the most retarded time line. Ran by the biggest retards that ever lived. Expecting us to be just as retarded as they are. It's entertaining untill you realize it's our life. When do we end this freak show?

  13. he was forced to resign, because no-one wants to get escorted out, which can be easily avoided, by taking all your personal items home, the day before your resignation is delivered by courier. The fact that he didn't do this means he couldn't avoid the optics of a forced resignation, because he was prevented with an on-the-spot ultimatum: "tender your immediate resignation or face the indignation of a public firing." Most choose resignation over firing, for ego and career purposes.

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