To Retain An Election: A Rant

The Dead Speak!
[Star Wars fanfare]
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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Oh geez. I didn't realize that any and all votes for Donald Trump don't count.

    Interesting that all those fake Biden votes would still vote for Republican candidates for the house and senate…

  2. Correction:
    If Trump wins, UNDER half of the population will declare a sitting President illegitimate. The rest are too dead to complain.

  3. Is it so impossible to believe that Trump was such a terrible president, and such a terrible candidate, and was so terrible in the debates that the majority of America said they don't want more of it? Four years ago I was told that Hillary lost because she wasn't a good candidate. Why is that not the reason for Trump?

  4. Excellent vid. I hope you're on Parler. I'm promoting your channel there. You need to move to Rumble or publish there in addition to YouTube. Its only a matter of time before Google bans any non-leftist speech.

  5. The left is running around crowing like they developed a vaccine for the CV, oh that's right they plan on taking credit next year if this CRIME is allowed to happen.