Today Begins the Biden Recession

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  1. wheb biden's defenders say this is because of putin or someother bs then just say that "biden is so weak that he is controled and or over powered by putin then ?" or are they saying "biden is such a wreck that he can not handle the job ?" simple responses for simple minds and from experience the looks they give are quite funny

  2. Office Retail some shops, We did not need a lockdown to that level as people are apart when working, Needed guidelines like setting apart at meetings. We could have done this much better. We put 500 billion into planning for this over 70 years yet all we got was infighting people told two diff things , it was a nightmare.

  3. Changing the definitions of words is their M.O. for decades. Just look up the definition of "person" in the U.S. code, or Black's Law Dictionary for an example.

  4. A bill to fight inflation? How about a bill that abolishes the Fed banking cartel? No political figure wants to be associated with a bad economy. Even Joe has enough brains left to try and lie about it.

  5. I work at a busy Costco in a relatively affluent area, and over the last few weeks there's been a dramatic shift in buying habits. Sales have fallen off a cliff, and people are buying more cheaper cuts of meat. I think this isn't gonna end well

  6. Good thing you can throw rocks from another country, yet act outraged over shit you do not feel, for money. From Google, who you hate…..

    It is ok, you are what you are.

  7. This is just like when they changed the definition of a vaccine to suit their narrative and just like that lie this won’t work to persuade people that they aren’t doing all of this out of malevolence.

  8. American Citizens need to start building gallows outside the halls of Congress. Short ropes for all the corrupt politicians. It's the only way to deter any future antics by these scum buckets. That's my opinion.

  9. Under Trump I got more money in my paycheck and I was able to do more with it. Yet I'm told the Trump tax cuts did nothing. Under Biden I have less money and I do less with it, but I'm told we're not in a recession. So either I'm living in backwards land or someone's lying.

  10. If you're the Establishment,
    and you need to keep your minions killing their offspring
    and your opposition from homeschooling or sending their young to private schools,
    you need to keep everyone working outside the home and everyone poor.

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