Today is Sergei’s 18th birthday. It is also his first day homeless!

This one wrecked me. I was crossing a street in Salt Lake City and saw Sergei. I asked him if he would like some socks. He responded “I don’t have any money”, which was the first sign Sergei was new to the streets. I just didn’t know how new.

Today is Sergei’s 18th birthday. Today is also his first night homeless.

Many of you have asked for more details. I am sorry but I became emotional and didn’t get much information. Too me, just the look on his face was enough to feel his pain and get some understanding.

Many of you also asked how you can help. Please support homeless youth organizations like Safe Place [].

I have worked with homeless youth before in Hollywood, but this was my first time with This year’s road trip I will be going out with a few homeless youth outreach teams. It’s an important story that needs to be told. I just am not sure I am ready. Today my heart was broken.

Please support Safe Place, Covenant House, and similar organizations helping troubled youth. PLEASE!

Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

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  1. Being homeless is a sad situation..however you can't judge the mom without know all sides of the story. If my son is lazy. On drugs…etc. I'd kick him out too. I understand an see the sadness in his face but it could also just be a reality check for him. Maybe he didn't take his mom seriously?? I'm not taking up for anyone or any side. Just putting my opinions out there.

  2. If I was him I would go back to their house and say lemme cook some dinner! They be like yum! Yes cook! Then an hour later I'll be like dinners ready! Parent walks in and says oh goodie! What ya cook? And I'll say these hands! Then start swinging feeding her these hands

  3. Call me fascist but this just highlight that in 2020 having children should be a privilege not a birthright. Seems discriminatory? It is, and it should be when we're dealing with the development of another human being.
    I'm not sure what the criteria would be necessarily, but a system that wouldn't allow my friends 18 year old unemployed drug addict sister to birth a child which she simply cannot provide for emotionally or financially – nor should she place that burden on other people.

  4. Not to distract from the tragic situation that this boy is in, but I am really just amazed that this video is over a decade old, usually videos this old are no higher than 480p, so I thought this was a pretty recent video until I read a comment that mentioned that this video is 10 years old. Anyways, I’m glad to hear that this guy is doing better now.

  5. Second Nature Wilderness Therapy is a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness setting as a clinically focused intervention to teach students accountability, communication skills and healthy emotional and behavioral habits. Second Nature serves preteens and younger teens and adolescents (ages 11-17)

    Some reviews:
    "Her diet was restricted to beans and water until she earned the privilege to eat more. She slept on the ground in the snow of the Utah mountains."


  6. How could a mother do this? Why ? At least she could left him finish his education. Why can you not be there for your own child?. I find myself tearing up just looking at this.

  7. This happens a lot. It pisses me off because not everyone is able to safely navigate through being on their own, especially when parents that typically do this don't prepare these kids to begin with and school only prepares kids for going to college or trade school… not so much with finding safe shelter or not being scammed. When I worked at CVS there were a few kids in that situation where they were living off someone's couch.

  8. This happened to me too when I was 17. It was a good learning experience for me. Although I didn't agree with what my parents did to me, In a few years hell be grateful. no better teacher then sleeping in the cold with an empty stomach. It instills that fierce drive in you.

  9. I found the link to actually help the homeless of this YouTube program and when I can I definitely will the sad part is now under Trump's Administration there may be more homeless people to follow as stimulus checks have been held up rent evictions has been held up and coronavirus on top of that!

  10. This really broke my heart it's his 18th birthday! When I can I'm going to specify a financial donation for Sergei for a late birthday present and I'm going to mention that when I send the money out to let him know some of us do care for him, it's 2020 now and I pray he is okay please give me an update on all these people from these videos so that will know how to help them

  11. For everyone saying his parents (specifically his mom, as if his dad doesnt have a say in this too -__-) is fucked up for doing that, y'all have no idea what happened to end up in this situation. He said that he just got out of Second Nature Wilderness Therapy, which is a therapy program for troubled teens. Y'all shaming his parents, not knowing why they had to get to that point.

  12. I wonder where he is rn, happy late birthday man, hopefully he’s successful in life rn and would rub it in the mother’s face and to not even have the thought of helping that bitch out, she did something unforgivable towards him.