(Today) Melbourne is BACK




Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. If you don't mind me asking, why do these seem to not have any tweens/teens in them? Is there a generational belief difference, are there limits for kids in Melbourne, or something else?

  2. We need to wake up and resist government mandates we have the power to change our lives in an instant change your perceptions changes your world instantly let love guide you not fear ❤

  3. everyone go to the protest and then go home to take medicine and do as Troy Hoang said, this time there will be a new virus, thank you everyone, please spread the word to others and keep quiet

  4. go Melbourne we have to win against the tyranny that has taken over the world …and msm keep trying to tell us that dictator will get back in …the lies the world has been told look up Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the mrna technology they are abusing it is not what it was intended for he even says they should not of jabbed the world and the more jabs they give the more detrimental it is …he has had his media accounts stopped what does that tell you ..look him up spread the word .

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