(TODAY) Tensions Were High, Then a Parking Ticket – Melbourne Protest

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Footage from today’s protest at the steps of Parliament, tensions were high already when the police gave a parking ticket the owner of a well known truck seen at protests in Melbourne and Canberra.

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This channel does not aim to be a source of information or planning regarding protests or demonstrations. Our responsibility is to bring coverage when Mainstream Media refuse to do so.

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  1. Let us hope that when it comes to the ballot, voters might remember that these people have surrendered every Saturday for months to march for what's right. This consistency of protests, and therefore the consistency of politicians being unwilling to come to terms, should (hopefully) be on the mind of the average voter.

  2. The gutless thugs all with nappies to hide their face. GO FREEDOM FIGHTERS WE ARE ONE BUT WE ARE MANY.
    VOTE ONE NATION who stood by us during this plandemic from the beginning 👏👏👏👏

  3. The police are the biggest traitors of the people. They are suppose protect the people but no they protect the corrupt criminals in power. It's always the police that stand in the way of the people.They never side with us. They're just Sell-out traitors.

  4. wtf? these are the on line conspiracy believers sending eachothers garbage on line and believing everything they hear and im guessing the earth is flat? and man never walked on the moon?

  5. Dan's black shirts at it again/still. What a disgrace Australia the Victorian police are amongst the most corrupt in the world and your Premier, I believe is connected to criminals ask him about his hot dog stand

  6. Wait, so what happened with the guy in the red hat?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, MG. I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable to watch but it's important to document these incidents.
    Btw, what ever happened to the two vids (or livestreams?), i.e. the one entitled, MGWave 2am Surprise and the other one that was meant to feature this guy named Ivan (who I'm assuming is a muso)? You don't have to answer this if you don't want to. I was just curious especially the surprise one. 😁

  7. I suppose we should be grateful that the police didn't fire rubber bullets at protestors! Thing is that Dan Andrews will keep his job, right after he lifts his 'orders' later this year.
    'Fear Of Ferns', a thriller. In the dystopian future the Australian government uses AI, surveillance, phone apps, and digital currencies to control their own citizens. The world is split into Clean and Spreaders, with Spreaders living in ghettos. Spreaders are despised by the Clean who wish to eliminate them. Available on AMZ

  8. trust the police started it again after we asked to forget what they have done in the past. typical hypocrite especially from the police commissioner. He forgot to tell all his members this or was lying to suck people in.

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