TOGETHER data not released, confusing placebo arm, and exclusion criteria flipped

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Bret speaks with Alexandros Marinos, who has analyzed the TOGETHER trial, which aims to identify effective repurposed therapies to prevent the disease progression of COVID-19.

Alexandros is the Founder/CEO of & aspiring practical philosopher. Find him on:

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  1. There are molecular diagrams of Imervectin comparing the new Merk product. There’s very little difference between the old cheap product and Merk’s brand new, hugely expensive, I can’t believe it’s not Imervectin product. But I’m sure the new product has passed the regulatory process, whereas the nasty old product seems not to work. We see you!!!

  2. After the Surgisphere fiasco, which was perpetrated by Lancet and NEJM, I no longer give benefit of doubt to any medical research. The industry is rife with fraud of the very worst sort.

  3. This is simple for me. I got c19 pretty bad. 2 days after testing positive my 02 sat was 86. I started taking ivm and hcq. 6hr later my o2 started going up, 12 hrs later it was back to normal. It worked for me. I'll be using it for flu and colds from now on. No matter what trial comes out. I'm done banging my head on the big pharma wall.

  4. The leading theory is that the vaccine would be thrown out if there were effective therapeutics that would keep the drug companies from taking taxpayer money. That is probably a big part of the problem, but there may also be other schemes working in the background. Covid has come in waves that are almost periodic. Will November elections be during another wave? If there were effective drugs there could be no lockdown and reason for absentee ballots. Maybe an end to Covid completely.

  5. Electro-Magnetic
    wave radiation and/or Chem trail toxins caused Covid by design to sell
    vaccines which are highly toxic. Not from Wuhan as Chinese populations
    in Flushing and Chinatown NYC had no boost in cases (Chinese went to and
    from Wuhan throughout 2019). Also related to Demoncrat ballot stuffing
    which may occur again in the Fall 2022 if they start another Media
    induced lockdown for continued Nazi control of planet. Zionists had a
    lot to do with it (as well as 9/11)–Gates, Bancel (Moderna), Bourla
    (Pfizer), and Netanyahu who had Pfizer vaccine day after Covid broke

  6. When health authorities around the world banned IVM, prohibited doctor to prescribe it…warn pharmacies not to sell it and they made a huge campaign to ridicule Ivermectin and call it just a horse is because it works!

  7. Many in my family, immediate family, got Covid. I am a retired RN. I told them to go and get the monoclonal antibodies. They did and were significantly better in 2 days. There were4 family members that were given the monoclonal antibodies. I got covid shortly after and wanted to get the same treatment and was told it wasnt available. Of all of us I was the only one to end up hospitalized in the icu. I was treated with remdesiver after refusing it initially. I still have issues, my family seems fine. Just putting it out there. I wish I could have gotten ivermectin. BTW no vax for me

  8. Even if ivm didn’t have a significant effect, there should never have been an issue if someone wanted to take it. But we all know the reasons why it was aggressively denied for access.

  9. "Fill that in. What does that imply?"

    I'm glad that I'm not the only person having trouble understanding the gobbledygook this guy is spewing.

    He makes Crooked Joe look sensible.

  10. So many things have been hidden and manipulated in this pandemic. I have so many injured coworkers. Tinnitus, myocarditis, anaphylaxis, rashes, numb hands, joint pain, etc., and I get told that there is no way I know any vaccine injured people, and must be making it up, because all the evidence supposedly says the vaccine is safe. Well how can you have evidence, if it isn't recorded? Not one of my injured coworkers even knew what VAERS is, and none had any knowledge of their injury being reported. The case of my friend's myocarditis, I gave them a sheet from the Mayo clinic with all the symptoms of myocarditis highlighted, and my friend's doctor, and cardiologist both said they had no idea what was wrong, and denied any possibility it was from the vaccine. It just boggles the mind how much cover up is happening! And when I go into the comment sections, I then see that it isn't just me seeing these things. You see testimony after testimony of vaccine injuries. How in the hell can they keep denying that something bad is happening, when hundreds of thousands of people are saying they are indeed seeing many vaccine problems? And the testimonials of Ivermectin users are getting the same treatment as the vaccine injury reports. How can anyone ever trust our government, or media, when it is so obvious that they both have been bought and paid for by big pharma.

  11. Of it has 2% effect or 50% effect it should be up to my Dr and I to use or not use any drug? Over the last 65 years my Dr haven given me off label drugs. Drugs I asked for. Some worked some didn’t and we tried another. That is a Dr patient relationship and we don’t need WHO, CDC or anybody else what drugs we can use that have already been approved and used for many things. I take Valium for Menieres vertigo attacks…that is a off label use of that drug and it works. We don’t need approval or a study to approve that.

  12. US Death toll, 331 million population: 1,000,013
    Uttar Pradesh death toll, 224 million population: 23,516
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Google News from May 20, 2022

  13. We need the truth about Uttar Pradesh. What did they do?
    How did they accomplish their unbelievably low death statistics (compared to US)?

    UP outperformed the US by a factor of 40.
    Some argue the India/UP deaths are under reported.

    But even if 100% more deaths occurred than counted, UP still outperformed the US by a factor of 20.

    How? They killed the virus at every opportunity with early treatment protocols.

    That was the mainstay of their success. It should be added as number one to the recent WHO report praising UP's success. .

    UP used the best evidence they had in a public health crisis and acted.
    UP has used early treatment since April 2020.

    High-risk populations were given Covid-19 kits in advance to minimize delays in time to initiate therapy.

    Low-risk patients used a hotline to have treatment sent to them within 48 hours.

    Early treatment was used for both groups to prevent hospitalization and death and to eradicate the virus..
    Contact tracing was done for all persons exposed to Covid-19 positive/ symptomatic patients. Full-course of treatment given to all contacts.

    Uttar Pradesh mobilized its public health resources to systematically identify and treat all Covid-19 patients.

    The Wuhan strain was treated with a the same protocol given to the US Task Force in March 2020.

    Medication in the protocol was changed to for Delta because of availability.

    Uttar Pradesh's approach was and is 40 times more effective than US strategy.
    One million deaths versus 25,000 deaths as of yesterday.

    Flat death curve achieved in 2 and 1/2 months for 224 million population that was ravaged by Delta variant.

    The US could accomplish this in 6 months for its 331 million population.

    Uttar Pradesh took emergency steps to save lives and eradicate the virus using the best evidence available.

    The US population must recognize US strategy failed us and demand change to the Uttar Pradesh strategy.

  14. It’s so painfully obvious if there is no lucrative patent potential in Pharma it’s going to be stifled.. let organic food be thy medicine….

  15. I was hoping the people who doubted that Bill Gates would run a study on the effects of ivermectin that would be fair and provide useable data, were being unfair themselves. Apparently, their assessment of "the pirate" has proven to be accurate. Guess I had forgotten about him talking about using vaccines to help wipe out the (as Scrooge said) surplus population. 🙄

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