Tolerance for more lockdowns ‘frayed completely’ in Victoria

Former Labor advisor Emma Dawson says the tolerance for more lockdowns is “frayed completely” in Victoria.

“I think while people accept the need for public health measures to protect us, there is a view now that we are 90 per cent vaccinated here in Victoria, 80 per cent across the country,” Ms Dawson said.


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  1. What an absolute load of bullshit..a disgrace of a country….how can a new "variant" even get into the country if people travelling there have to be tested and put under quarantine? How dumb would you have to be to not know this? Every new "variant" of a virus gets weaker and weaker so how is it even that dangerous?

  2. The tolerance for Andrews is over and he knows it, that's what these new pandemic laws are all about so this monster can hold on to power when he is no longer welcome. The governments are gutting Australia like thieves gut a stolen car and all they leave behind is a burning wreck. Democracy is dead until they are all brought to justice and new leaders say that this will never happen again in this country and bring back accountability to government. While Ghiselle Mawells defense is arguing that she is a victim of sexism, no different to Australian potlicians using COVID as an excuse for their gross incompetence and crimes against the Australian people and until the corrupt poltiicians are brought to trial then the Australian people can be happy again and can they got on with their lives and enjoy freesoms again the way God intended it.

  3. Florida has the lowest Covid numbers of any state! You re being lied too! DeSantis has done everything the left despises and they are doing great. Michigan is a leftist gulag and they have the highest rates of infection! Wake up people! This isn’t about a “virus”, it’s about control and your willingness to comply…..

  4. Lockdowns were needed at theme, now no longer needed due to the vast majority of Victorians getting vaccinated- just need to get the protesting twits vaccinated now.

  5. Absolute bollocks. Medical tyranny in action. Where has it been proven that being vaccinates stops you from spreading and getting covid? It's starting to look like those vaccinated are getting sicker and the unvaccinated aren't because their immune system isn't comprised by the so called vaccines.

  6. We don't need or want government-delivered "safety." It's one way today, another way sometime later….so it's "shifty safety," except for the "managers" who are locked into regular pay raises while everyone else has to eat shite and bend under the knout.

  7. As long as the relief payments keep coming in, they can lock me down as many times as they please. But, rest assured If you lock us down and the payments don't come in there will be a f…ing reyeot.

  8. Nah the moronic sheep will still comply. And it's the media's fault for not reporting the truth. I seriously believe most people in the media a completely screwed as in many will end up with literal prison sentences over covid or if society collapses they will end up taken care of merely via vigilante justice. Either way their screwed. Your level of corruption is impossible to be forgotten and you literally have as designated by protest numbers well over a million Australians taking down your names. You're completely screwed and no one is to blame but you

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