Tom Cruise VINDICATED For Viral Rant Against Big Pharma – New Study

In 2005 Tom Cruise was widely mocked, derided and accused of being a lunatic after appearing on the Today Show and expressing controversial views about the ineffectiveness of antidepressants and the widespread practice of prescribing Ritalin and Adderall to children. Now 17 years later Cruise is being vindicated by a comprehensive study questioning the science behind “chemical imbalances” in the brain and demonstrating that antidepressants do not work as advertised.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss their recollection of the infamous interview and how the march of scientific advancement has now caught up with… Tom Cruise.

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  1. Dore! You are a hero of mine. Eventually conservative, red pilled younger and earlier than you, I HATED YOU ON TYT, funny, but irrational and illogical (and still so IMO on certain plain positions). But now you have come to recognize the experience of a red pill. To learn the basic truth and not at all the big picture, but not drinking koolaid…… Tom Cruise and a buncha so called "quacks" like Robert Malone are immediate voices for my crowd, while Jimmy considers him a "gem." Welcome to the red pill.

  2. Tom Cruise is an extreme narcissist. There are 13 indicators put out by the Mayo Clinic that define this disorder, and Cruise fits all 13. Just ask Cruise one question. What is your documented success rate at curing mental illness? End of story.

  3. I think the children back in the 1950's who got polio, had the vaccine. In other words, not every child who had the vaccine for polio got polio, but all who got polio had the vaccine.

  4. I've been saying for years that the one thing Scientology has gotten right is it's distrust and knowledge on just how corrupt Big Pharma and shrinks are. I say this as someone who has a lovely aunt who in her early 50s has medication induced Parkinsons disease because she went to a shrink with 8 degrees who kept upping and changing her pills and never once helped her only made her worse. I think if she'd just never went she would have been much better and normal today, now she's basically helpless.
    This is why when the WEF tells everyone "you'll own nothing and be happy" the Be happy part of that is that they'll medicate you into a state of feeling nothing, you won't really be happy you'll just be numb like a walking zombie. It's also why they've started turning their heads and not caring about the people passed out on the streets in major cities and everywhere else across the US from illegal drugs. They don't care if you're on meth, heroin, or getting pills from your doctor and big pharma they just want you numb and checked out of life so they can control you. They know the easiest people in the world to be controlled sadly are addicts as they're already controlled by the disease of addiction. You can get them to do anything by just giving them the drug they need.

    I've been alarmed today by the number of ads here on youtube for Smiling Depression in teens, I don't know if anyone else is getting them? They say depressed teens still smile, they can still get good grades, play sports, have many friends etc but still be depressed and when you click the link to learn more guess what, it tells you to take your teen to a doctor and there's medications they can place them on to help. Big Pharma knows this government and the global cabal elites who run everything like the WEF are in their pockets and need them, now they ramp up wanting everyone from birth to death to be on their poison so every month they get that money for the prescription and then it helps the elites in controlling and making slaves of us all.

  5. Actually there is such a thing as a chemical imbalance in some brains.
    Fibromyalgia is absolutely and specifically a chemical imbalance problem in the brain, for example.
    Fibro is when the sections of the brain that produce serotonin shrinks thus causing an imbalance because it's no longer producing enough dopamine which is why fibromyalgia sufferers have so many symptoms, it's the brain misinterpreting standard regulatory signals from the body's various systems, as pain, and then sending out incorrect signals to regulate everything cause the various systems to go haywire.

    All fibro patients suffer from 2 main psychological issues, Panic Syndrome, and Depression.
    These have both been documented, so yes there are situations where chemical imbalances happen to people's brains and it needs correcting.
    Cannabis helps but like prescription drugs it doesn't fix it mainly because we've not learned how to rebuild these dopamine engines in the brain yet.

  6. Polio would of been eradicated if not for the cia using the program to find Osama and it caused people in S.W.A.T to not cooperate. Tribal areas of Pakistan was the last place on earth.

  7. Let's keep it real here: Scientology has always been.. let's say sceptical of medication, to the extend that they don't want you as a member when you take certain types medication.
    Especially psychopharmaceuticals since they want to present themselves as an alternative to therapy.

    That being said it's always nice to work together with people with whom you otherwise wouldn't.

  8. I read this study. I totaly believe that psychiatry has been hijacked by big Pharma and the prejudices and dogma have done so much harm to society – we see it in spades today!

  9. i was given ritalin in the 80s when i was 14, then when they stopped prescribing that to me i moved to speed for 12 years, then i moved on to meth where i remained a junkie for 20 yrs, i finally got free 4 yrs ago

  10. I've suffered from a long depression and I can only speak for myself:
    I found that directing your anger, disappointment and frustration outwards instead of botteling it up was the answer.
    I tried several anti-depressants and the sedation was useful at one point (to let time heal some wounds) but no therapist I came across even mentioned the word "depression" and no one could tell me anything useful.

    Find a way to express your emotions, dare to inconvenience others (and learn from the interactions) and go out there and meet new people.
    Group sessions can do a lot of good in that respect, but use it to train yourself for the real world, not as a permanent side track.

    And remember this well: sometimes you need to do some real stupid stuff to get happy.

  11. So much harm is being done in the name of medicine. Check out forums Surviving Antidepressants and Benzobuddies. I myself barely survived the withdrawal. Coming off these drugs is an indescribable horror show. I don't know how I'm alive.

  12. The majority of current polio cases are manmade, and come from oral polio vaxxxines that are commonly used in third world countries. The very few cases of old-school, natural polio (WPV1) are all in Pakistan and Afghanistan today, and there are literally less than 10 cases per year. But oral vaxxx-derived polio (cVDPV) accounts for over 1000 cases of polio, including the one case that occurred in NY State in the past few weeks. Most cases of cVDPV occur in developing nations. Dude in NY got the vaxxx-derived polio, but he didn't get it from a vaxxxine (he was unvaxxxinated), and he likely wouldn't have contracted the disease had he been vaxxxinated.

    As usual, it's a somewhate complicated issue but ppl are going to reduce it to very simple terms.

  13. Scientology is not the only groups that are antipsychiatric. CCHR, or Citizens commission on human rights is not made up of exclusively Scientologist. And there are other antipsychiatric groups such as "Mind Freedom". And their are other psychiatrist, psychologist who have turned on their profession. Dr. Thomas Szasz, Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Toby Watson and other's that have joined the fight. But it seems CCHR is the most formidable. They have excellent videos that are very accurate about psychiatry. "Marketing of Madness " is an excellent video. I've taken classes in abnormal, clinical psychology and other psychology classes. I can't find any inaccuracies in their videos.

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