Too Many Coincidences in Capitol Attack, 3537

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  1. They know American patriots love our country and would respect our government buildings, these communist pos like the majority of congress don't give a shit about America, that's why they allow this lie, that's why they didn't plan for a riot. I was there asking with millions of freedom loving patriots. If the intent was to take down Congress, there would have been no stopping it. This is just a complete lie of narrative by the msm and the communist Congress members to push a bullshit lie. I can promise you if that rally were held today and the people were intent on destroying the capital building that tiny fence and a few thousand guard would have no chance. It's bullshit optics for a bullshit narrative. I'm so sick of it. I'll tell you something else, you are a complete idiot and guinea pig if you get the China virus vaccine. Wake up!!!!

  2. Bill is time to start speaking the truth, not the moderated by YouTube truth. The truth, even if you have to move to clouthub or rumble. Youtube is dead to the truth. You are on a sinking ship. As a friend and long time viewer I suggest you move before you start from nothing

  3. Start waking people up Bill, use your platform. If Biden is in the Whitehouse why are they lights off all the time? Why are there no snipers in the roof? Why are there concertina wire fences around DC? What the hell is going on? I imagine your mind is blown, how do you explain these issues?????

  4. I think China is calling the shots and the social engineering is just part of their takeover. But I hope, if the chosen people of Yah and their descendants repent and start obeying this planted and growing curse could be turned away. But … not likely as even professed Christians want "salvation" but not have to think to do anything to be graced that gift. They think they have it made and sin separates us from Yah and he says he will not hear the prayers of the willful disobedience. His law is good, including Exodus 20 and the 4th one with the yearly feasts. We can complain but that does nothing.. murmuring and not obeying leaves people to die in the wilderness.

  5. Why were Trump's repeated offerings of 10K National Guard for the event refused and who specifically refused them? Who was it who paid some of the rioters $1000 to riot as the confession of one of them on video shows?

  6. Come on, folks! To have an impeachment based on "insurrection" you need a riot!!! Hence, the "riot" was preplanned by the leadership of the cabal of Democrats. Just the exact same way, you need a China virus to justify keeping people indoors so as to legitimise "mail in ballots." Simple! NO COINCIDENCE!! In any of it.

  7. Anyone who is awake can see our country has been taken over by hostile forces via an Illegal Process, and is currently "Occupying" the Capital. How will we explain to our grandchildren that we saw it coming, and did NOTHING to stop it? I always figured our great military would stop the "Theft of America" from our enemies within…

  8. This country has been hijacked by the radical left and the Supreme Court and our military did nothing to stop it……we are in big trouble and the radical media is covering their tracks at every turn.

  9. Same coincidences on 9/11 and with OK city building and gulf of Tonkin , pearl harbor and on and on all “history” they write have these coincidences

  10. What does it matter? I'm a drafted disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran '68. I was forced into a dental medical experiment. The experiments were not put into my Army medical records. Who cared? I was sent to Vietnam and over sprayed with Agents Orange and Blue. Government said Agent Orange was okay. We were over sprayed in Georgia for fire ants by that great Governor Jimmy Carter and later the human rights president. You people are dumbbells. Government people are evil. I'm fed up with stupids.

  11. If it really was an insurrection, they would have insurrected successfully and arrested all of Congress. Nearly every protester were peacefully protesting a rigged election.