Top 5 Memorable Moments of Lock Down. Dan Andrews

It looks like Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well in Victoria. But not in this corner of the Universe. Looking forward to your comments. Enjoy!

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Written by Danger Dan


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  1. What i would like to know is during a lock down he has gone to a holiday house and had a fall ,down wet stairs . What a total lie that is , how come we had never seen any hospital fotage of him and why have not the police charged him for braking his own b,s covid laws hmmm. Double standards as all politicians get away with murder .Federal police should be investigating him for millions of dollars , which look more like proceeds of crimes bribes from China

  2. He was in intensive care after some legends attempted to kick all the shit out of him. Alas their attempts failed, there’s just too much 💩 stored up inside of him😂🤣Australia

  3. Don't forget Dan's sick days, all full pay even though he actually used them all plus whatever other leave he had . Over 400k full pay paid by Victorian tax payers. 👍

  4. Problem is it’s not possible for this man to be honest, etc
    He took up a dying covid patients bed for a back injury.
    I seriously think somebody should be asking for his medical records
    If somebody said he had a head injury I would not be surprised
    This all feels very much like McCarthys Cold War reds under the bed syndrome
    Which apparently turned out to be a brain tumour

  5. So, how come after the record lockdown in Victoria, Victoria managed to break the so called BS COVID cases record. And while you had the highest ☠️💉. So for sure it was the ☠️💉 that was causing the adverse effect from the vaccine that hospitalized and killed people, not COVID. 😡👿

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