Top Biden SCOTUS Pick Jailed Man 12 YEARS For Weed Sale | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about the questionable record of judge Michelle Childs who appears to be the front runner for Biden’s Supreme Court nomination to replace the retiring Stephen Breyer

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  1. Horrific, but what were the other two crimes? I agree that is total crap either way, but give the whole story, it was three strikes your out. Didn’t Kamala Harris do this as well, and suppress dna evidence that kept innocent people in jail?

  2. The problem is now they can rig elections on a widespread level and the Republicans are just as corrupt 🙄. It's probably too late at this point. If the population became uncontrollable, they would just hasten UFO 🛸 Widespread disclosure to scare everyone into compliance. Remember Reagan's speech about an alien threat and the result?

  3. You guys are 100% right, all these drug war crusaders need to get tossed if the dems want REAL progress but they dont' want to end the war on drugs so they make a great show of being woke.

  4. Isa 10:1  Woe to those who enact unjust statutes And to those who constantly record harmful decisions, . This sentencing took place in South Carolina home of Bright Leaf tobacco. I bet they sale flavored tobacco in that state. Grape, Mango, Peach. Horrific.

  5. Well, of course. The Supreme Court has a long history of being pro-business, anti-union, open to federal surveillance on citizens and supporting the wealthy. It was a given that Biden would find an African American Woman who would fit right in. Identity Politics is all about surface issues, nothing about what matters, which only shows the so-called Left is very easy to play.

  6. Sounds like Judge Child’s pretty good by the book Judge! I have no sympathy for a THIRD time offender. He should’ve done a better risk calculation and considered whether the risk of being taken out of his child’s life was worth committing that non parolable offense and getting a third strike…

  7. Super ridiculously beautiful, I want to grow my hair cause it looks so luxurious like that long. Hold on I'm going for white anyway. I guess I'll start. Thanks K

  8. Is their point about a 12 year sentence for a 3rd time convicted felon or her alleged anti union past?
    The tagline and the actual story do not agree.
    I also wonder why there is an assumption that any siding against any union is automatically just supporting corporations? What is the basis for that insinuation? It takes a large corporation to make the very technology that allows up to debate, what is so wrong with that concept?

  9. ALL potential candidates for the Supreme Court have made some shitty judgements related to drugs because America has had insane policies towards drugs ever since Nixon.

    Also, whenever identity is put first then it is disingenuous identity politics bullshit. Get a black woman if she's right for the job, not just because she is a black woman. And when you talk about it don't put identity first. That's like beating people over the head with the inclusion and diversity hammer.

  10. Same thing happened to me in 1998. Put me on a special level with mass murderers. Quarter million dollar bond for weed?! Won the case initially but, the feds stepped in and overturned it without our presence , based on (they said) secret evidence that no one including my lawyer could ever see! This crap has been going on for a long time folks. Dangerous hippies around every corner!

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