Top cop SPILLS THE BEANS on lying Shrine boss

The Shrine CEO is under fire after being caught out fabricating “threats against staff” for his plan to light up the war memorial in ‘pride colours’. FULL STORY:


Rebel News:

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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. It’s the same with the Capitol Hill police they said that people were throwing out racial slurs but yet they all wear body cams with audio and they won’t release one second of that audio

  2. Amazing that a memorial to soldiers that fought for freedoms of Australians and the world’s would be the scene of police using guns and intimidation against Australians, who are protesting against intimidation and and removing of the freedom that was fought for.

  3. Shrine CEO is typical of the corporate gutlessness spreading across the western world. Fight every example of it you see. Well done Avi et al.
    Hate mail? – I bet that's just what this CEO is calling messages objecting to his terrible decision.

  4. The Police making knobs of themselves once again. Do they want to see the inside of a Court again? Since when do Media need permission to be at the Shrine? It's a Public Space. Tell Captain Self-importance to make himself useful and book some cars in St Kilda Rd.

  5. perception is reality.
    I like that mork's braces are finally getting the recognition they deserve and don't know what all the fuss is about

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