Top Doc 85% COVID Were Saveable!, 3597

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  1. And trump. It was mostly done to get mail in voting so they could cheat their way to victory against trump. Getting rid of the old people and saving all the medical expenses was a bonus. Did Cuomo care about the people he killed NO.

  2. Bill "they" are trying to make a vaccine mandate for students to reenter College. Consider and research the following please.

    Step 1. DO NOT refuse a vaccine. Otherwise you will be considered belligerent. Instead you can politely decline the service by doing the following.

    Step 2. Ask the Dr. " Does the vaccine have MRC-5 in it" (THEY ALL DO!) These are aborted fetal cells and other DNA. If the vaccine contains MRC-5 in it, you have the RIGHT to "decline" (be polite, always).

    Step 3. Also ask, "IS THERE A POSSIBILITY of "Latrogenic Reaction" (an adverse reaction to multiple drugs or compounds interacting with each other) from the vaccine (THEY ALL DO!).

    When the Dr. says "Yes", that is your get out of vaccine "free card". Thank the Dr. for the offer and walk away.

    Remember! Doctors have sworn the Hippocratic Oath (Which is to do no harm), they MUST honor it. This how we can LEGALLY and RESPECTFULLY decline their offered mandated service, and there is absolutely do nothing about it.


    ref: "Holistology"

  3. Because "Medicine" was bought off by the Deep State decades ago. A LOT of "medical people" have a LOT of explaining to do……basically for murdering 10's of thousands of people in this country.

  4. The entire pandemic was an orchestrated lie. The virus is real, but positive treatment was buried to enable the creation of pandemic propaganda to be propagated all over the world for political expediency and nefarious reasons. Lives were deliberately sacrificed by the globalists grifters levers of power that were orchestrating the phony modeling, statistics and disinformation.

  5. What about the French research in Marseille ctre specializing in tropical , equatoial n viral diseases that proved the anti malarial Hydroxychloroquine cured n prevented CONvid19(84) .
    Israel had large stocks available n quickly ramped up their pharma production to provide enouh for all USA by Easter LAST YEAR!!!
    Dr Faust- chi dismissed it as Anecdotal!
    MSM were silent….

  6. Doctors WERE stepping up, and immediately being erased from social media for their efforts. DO NOT BLAME DOCTORS – blame the government and media lapdogs.

  7. In 2019 there was an article in The NY Times – Daily Low Dose Aspirin No Longer Recommended by Doctors. Look it up. It probably was part of the plan. Great, let’s get grandma and grandpa off their aspirin.

  8. It's fairly clear to me that the commie rat basterdz that have taken over our government want to kill as many of us as possible or otherwise destroy our lives and ability to make a living. All that, and nobody will do anything about it. Maybe people think they will vote their way out of it. Good luck with that, if you live that long.

  9. Well the “experts” shot up the people who had co vid. If you have had chickenpox and you go get the chickenpox vaccine you have a great likelihood of developing shingles. So, what’s gonna happen to these people who with the help of Fauci and the media who jumped in their cars and got a drive through covvie shot? Who gets a shot in a car? Just that in itself. Stop, people think. The herd mentality was the method of cattle call at the super vaxxie tent city drive through. Have more respect for yourself.

  10. It's sad, the top doctor in the US could only gather an audience of 12 people in the US Senate. As Jack Nickolson said in one of his movies once, the SOBs can't handle the truth.

  11. You know the truth Bill … control so now hear in the UK we are being told to close windows as disease – carrying mosquitoes head to the UK …. As reported in the Mirror Newspaper ? Fear ? from the EU ? … You just can't make it up … and I know you know who they are … we were rocking the boat .. give them time , now we pay the price , I ask you Bill and Beth to pray for us all in the time ahead , together with our lord Jesus Christ and with the love and help from our Father , overcome the dark force of the Devil Himself ..

    In the name of the Father son and Holy Ghost keep us safe . amen .

  12. The trump administration will take care of this and many other things. Consider 2020-2022 an information gathering period. Once the house and senate are re-taken, the RINO's will have been flushed and mass subpoenas will result in an overwhelming arrests. All evidence will be heard as per the constitution and the supreme court will be forced to act upon ALL evidence proven cases brought forth by the Republican party. President trump will be instated as the true president with his four year term to start the day Joseph Biden and his son is imprisoned.

  13. I just took care of my brother with covid , I drove him to hospital. They sent him home with no advice. His fever was 103. I gave him aspirn, chicken broth, V D, zinc. He didn't want to eat or drink. I told him he must. He was sick for 5 days, Recovered fully

  14. America’s Frontline Doctors warn that covid vaccinated can transmit “spike proteins” into the air. Vaccinated people can make non vaccinated sick. Stay away from vaccinated. Two vaccinated people I know, one had to have open heart surgery, the other had a stroke. Freakish number of car accidents.

  15. Deaths didn't matter, it was all about getting Trump out of office… in addition bailing out the Banks with money from the pharmaceutical industry with printed moneys from the Fed and the IMF. (since oil prices don't cut it anymore to keep the banks whole). A few more summer months and all of this will come to a screeching halt… Brace for impact…

  16. We, that have followed this “Plandemic” since January 2020 know everything Dr. McCollough is saying is ?! We did the research, listened to the videos BEFORE they were deleted. We followed Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Emmanuel with the other doctors that were trying to spread the Truth. We saw doctors that took the Hippocratic Oath “lie by omission“. Even worst, we saw that everything President Trump tried to tell us ridiculed and mocked. Our President was accused of trying to be a medical doctor, when the medical doctors were being cancelled by propaganda. We saw Dr. Fauci become a Faux Rock Star and ABC, MSNBC, and CNN fawn over him and his lies. Dr. Judy Mikovits shamed off of YouTube – America was turned upside down and Truth-tellers were threatened, censored and de-platformed, but Fauci is still allowed to lie to the public. Now we have him dead to rights with funding Wujan labs for Gain of Function research. How long must we endure this Evil? How long will we allow the “Lost” to Lead Us? How Long? Until they announce another mutation of this virus and lock us up again