Top FDA Vaccine Officials RESIGN Over Fast-Tracked Booster Shot Approval By CDC, White House

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Alyssa Farah react to the resignation of two senior FDA officials and discuss the rollout of COVID vaccine booster shots.

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  1. This booster we know is not really necessary especially as there is no test or trial period to prove its efficacy, but this days people wake up from sleep then own a vaccine company and then receive approval for good or bad and they tell us it’s wonderfully effective yet the vaccine companies refuse legal responsibility for vaccines

  2. Knowing cdc incompetency, pharma greed and corruption, fda collusion with pharma, vaccines uselessness, false positives, harassment to the unvaccinated, hospitals paid to say it is covid, vaccines makers not liable, etc, etc and we still want to vaccinate the whole planet?

  3. In israel they got the vaccine 3 people died in 2 days. They don't tell you on the news the rest of people in the old age home every one went to the hospital. They don't tell you about it

  4. What about people that unfortunately get COVID and have a more thorough and robust amount of antibodies, yet are forced are pressured to get the vaccine in 90 days?

  5. But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.
    God bless all who trust and believe in the name above all names. ❤️❤️👍👍💪💪

  6. FDA is a front, a farse front.. they work for big pharma and globalists. The FDA officials leave because it is a bureaucratic corrupt agency that serves evil entities in pursuit of power, control and wealth. Biden regime serves them too. Sad reality that hypnotized people don't realize.

  7. Unlike most persons, some people have thing called a conscience and another thing called concerns for the uninformed and unsuspecting… you remember those two things that makes us human and humane? Don't forget Doctors and officials who display both of the "things" mentioned above are "ignorant" and lack a true knowledge of "science." May God have mercy on our souls

  8. Government: Everyone needs to get vaccinated or you can lose your job!
    Person: Is it safe?
    Government: It's safe! We have top notch politicians promoting it.
    Person: Politicians? What about doctors and scientists?
    Government: Oh yeah, that too. Just don't go looking for studies that say the vaccines might be ineffective. Stick to CNN and their stories only!
    Person: I mean all this is kinda sudden, shouldn't we wait for some long term studies or something?
    Government: No. Get jabbed or lose your job!
    Person: Okay.. I guess I'll do it. I wanna keep my job after all.
    Government: No! There aren't enough vaccines or booster shots to go around.
    Person: So can I keep my job unti..
    Government: NO! Argh… my patience is wearing thin with these people.
    Person: …

  9. FACTS regarding the COVID-19 VACCINATION
    (Appropriate measures need to be followed)
    A. There is a ZERO CHANCE of "Adverse Reactions".
    C. There are NO LONG TERM "RESIDUAL" Adverse physiological Reactions.
    D. There is a ZERO CHANCE of spreading this vaccine from human to human.

    SCIENTIFIC REASONS (recommended behavior)
    1. Do not come "in contact with" and NEVER HANDLE the vaccine.
    2. "Socially Distance" yourself from the vaccine.
    3. Prevent "the Quacks" from SPREADING THIS VACCINE to yourself.
    4. "QUARANTINE" the vaccine.
    5. TOTALLY SHUT DOWN the vaccines' ability to work.

  10. Glad I didn't get the scam shot. This thing is unnecessary for me. How do these pro shot hardliners resolve the conflict between my doctor saying, you are utlimately responsible for your health and some treatments are not necessary, and the government/CDC/coprorations/whatever saying that I MUST have this shot?

  11. If Biden is SO concerned with the health and well being of Americans that he forces people to take these free injections, why doesn't he do something about those that can't afford health care??

  12. Wow!!! How many times you need to take the Virus to get immune too it??
    I have friends in bed since the first shot. Weak and sick. After 4 weeks has to be call cancer if you get sick??

  13. All of the evidence says the vaccines are dangerous. They're rushed, too many reported adverse reactions, Fauci's lies and flip-flops, Bill Gates' involvement, and not knowing the damage in the long run. "No, thank you…I'll not be having any of this!"

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