Top Generals LIE WITH IMPUNITY On Afghanistan, China Phone Calls

Krystal and Saagar respond to the lies told by top Generals about the Afghanistan withdrawal and correspondence with China in their latest congressional testimony

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  1. the most interesting question about this whole afghanistan fiasco is pretty clear: WHY didn't Liz Cheney team up with a buncha democrats and didn't try to block Biden from withdrawing ????? you know, like she did to Trump last year

  2. Has Milley ever been in real combat? No I am not talking Pentagon E ring combat where he did his best work on his knees with an open mouth but real combat with shots fired? He is probably the worse Chairperson of JCS ever!

  3. The MIC has been doing this for many, many years. Oliver Stone's fantastic series called The Untold History of the United States is very revealing in this regard and so much more.

  4. The Generals especially Milley was very truthful and clear in his reply and speech regarding phonecalls to China.

    That's an established military top brass communication mechanism between USA and China.

    On Afghanistan, the generals just need to clear up the shit by sleepy Joe.

  5. ?? So criticize the Generals for "throwing Biden under the bus" and telling the "Truth".. But, then turn around a criticize the Generals for not telling the "Truth" about the ability to eventually leave Afghanistan as a self-supporting Democracy. Which one do you want? The Truth, or what you consider are lies? Let us not forget that there were many other Allies involved in these "support" roles. Each with their own "intelligence on the ground". Shame on both of you! When you see all the women and girls being removed from schools, forced into hiding living in daily fear. I hope you can "self-justify" your viewpoints. You cry for the poor defenseless Amazon Workers who are being "well paid" yet are being "marginalized" by Corporate America. While millions of Women and Children are now living in absolute fear of their lives, while you two smugly sit in a position of self-righteousness celebrating the result. The difference between you two and the shameless CNN "personalities" grows smaller each day.

  6. If Saagar and Krystal had been around during the Vietnam War, lying Generals, would not be so shocking now. These committee hearings have mostly always been nothing more than political shows, with the scripts written for the ears of fools. People, we must do something!

  7. The Generals have this game they play which works on the stupid populace. They love throwing ut numbers; I wanted 2,500 troops kept there, General so-and-so wants 3,500. blah blah blah. It don't matter. Get out altogether and plan for the departure. These guys reveal that they never want to leave.

  8. Sorry your judgment is not deep. They wanted Afghanistan to look bad and also they gave Afghanistan to Pakistan just like they gave Iraq to Iran in 2008 to make new allies. Trump made alliances with India, India supported Afghanistan government, Pakistan did not like that so they supported Taliban. Democrat set back the alliance with Pakistan by giving Afghanistan to them. Also left these groups for that region to pressure Iran and Russia and maybe China. All this will never be discussed in public so they agree to say whatever in front congress and take they heat. Strategy can’t be public.

  9. Question: Did Biden override the Militaries’ recommendation to keep groups in until Americans were all withdrawn? I think they did and Biden Fu’ed up? Right?

  10. I just saw the new Jon Stewart on apple tv but it is also a podcast. He exposed the scandal surrounding the VA not recognizing thousands of sick Veteran's caused by Burn Pits. These harmful burn pits have hurt our Vets since Desert Storm and Saagar, maybe you will do a story on this. The public simply does not realize that this is still not settled. I thought it was. G.W Bush, Obama and now Biden looking the other way, crooks & liars, the whole lot of them.

  11. YouTube algorithm on auto play never puts your videos in a line, for me a Richard wolf video is always next. Good stuff but annoying and strange. Other channels the algorithm strings together hundreds from one channel

  12. VICE (not a fan but…) did good documentary called "This is what winning looks like" showing the afghan american-trained soldiers being completely useless, reckless, doing drugs and raping boys all day….

  13. 5:20 "…this is their real job. Not fighting wars!" LOL, so true. If Milley thought that the Chinese were actually afraid of an attack 'by Pres. Trump" he is either too gullible to be a general or a liar. He is one or the other. Nice job Saagar explaining deconfliction. The media gave Milley a free pass, in my opinion, because he handed off blame to a President that is too confused and too much of a useful political idiot to suffer any real criticism. And yes, he will be in the media 5 years from now blamelessly supporting the next war for money.

  14. Winners include the CIA funding black ops from Afghan heroin supplied to American people.
    The US has a history of initiating bombings and invasions unannounced and have taken an anti China stance and been threatening China even more lately. Is this cool foreign policy?

  15. The collapse of Afghanistan isn’t the fault of the Generals, it’s the fault of the President. These generals are chief ADVISORS, not the ones that dictate the pullout. Breaking points, you’re missing this point.

  16. At the beginning of WWII, George Marshall fired most of the senior officers from WWI so that they would not carry those mistakes into the new era. It's time we wipe the slate clean of the entire cadre of general and flag officers of the GWOT. We must close that chapter and completely re-think how we conduct warfare.

  17. Remember when the government spent millions going after Barry Bonds for lying to Congress. This is a man that made a living by being good at hitting balls with a stick.

    Clapper, Fauci, and now these generals lie to Congress and nothing happens.

  18. Thanks for covering this honestly K-S
    Unfortunately most folks ( myself included) come to this realization at an older, less furious age. At a point where wisdom conflicts with the investments we’ve reluctantly placed in the ridiculously corrupt structure we’ve grown up in and despised all along. We are outmatched , outresourced, out connected, etc. As W once said- the haves, and the have mores. If you are reading this or simply watch “news” , you don’t matter. Silly fools we R

  19. It was so refreshing finding your channel. I’m sick and tired of trying to push through all the shit on mainstream media to try to get the facts but can’t take anything they say as a fact even if they say so. I still don’t take yours as such but I’m not constantly fact checking everything.

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